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Just Keep Swimming : The Pools Are Re-Opening!
Posted on 14th July 2020

After four months of closure, we are absolutely over the moon to be able to report that swimming will be able to make a comeback this summer! From 11th July outdoor pools have been given the green light to reopen and as of 25th July indoor pools will also follow suit. As with all currently open venues, there will be some Covid-19 restrictions in place but with careful planning and preparation this shouldn't affect your swim experience too much and we are pretty sure that you are all just as eager to get back to the pools as we are!

What Will Be In Place?
Each pool around the UK has been preparing for this announcement for months now and all have been working hard behind the scenes getting their establishments ready for this re-opening. As every pool is different, you will need to check with your local one to find out what measures they have put in place in order to keep everybody safe but in general, you will most likely see these rules:

  • Booking system to control the number of visitors
  • One way systems in place in the building and changing areas (where possible)
  • One way system for swimming
  • 2 metre distancing markers and rules in place
  • Recommendation that showers are not used but to shower at home instead
  • Arrival in swimwear
  • An alter in the way lessons are taught- teachers on poolside, social distancing measures, parents asked to enter the water for those who are not confident enough
  • Provide your own floats, buoyancy aids, armbands
  • Pools divided into sections
  • No overtaking other swimmers
  • Double width lanes
  • At least 6 square metres between each swim activity

You may also be advised by your pool to bring your own hand sanitiser as a precaution and you may want to invest in a face mask for the time spent in the reception area.

"Swimming is one of the biggest participation sports in the UK and, as well as being the main form of physical activity for many elderly people, there is concern that a generation of children are missing their mandatory opportunity to learn to swim as part of the primary school curriculum" - The Telegraph

Swimming Lessons
Entering the pool again may seem a little daunting to your children especially with all of these new changes. We would highly recommend that you speak to your local swimming school to establish what measures they will be putting in place and what they will require from you once swimming lessons start up again and then to talk all of this through with your children. Put them at ease before your first visit and explain to them how it may look, why this is happening and why it is important. Children love honesty and openness and they will react far better if they can get their heads around a change rather than turning up with no prior knowledge and throwing them in at the deep end (pardon the pun!) Most lessons will probably begin a few weeks after the pools begin to open with some not starting again until the new school year in September which will give you a bit of time to book a slot at your local pool in order to reintroduce them to the water and to regain some of their confidence.



Swimming Gear
Of course, one area you will need to check before you head back to your pool is whether the kids still fit into their swimwear. It's been four months now so growth spurts have probably occurred (especially with all of that snacking!) As you know, most pools already ask for their baby swimmers to follow the double nappy system and this may now become mandatory across the board due to the current situation. Hygiene is key, as is being prepared for every little accident. Our Splash About Happy Nappy is approved by 90% of UK swim schools and is far better on both your pocket and on the environment. Check out our full range here. You may also want to look into baby wetsuits as well as swimming costumes and trunks for older children. Public pools probably won't be able to provide your children with floats or buoyancy aids during this time so it will be worthwhile if you brought your own to your swim session. 

We have also put together some back to swimming lesson bundles where you can save 10% and get everything you need to start swimming lessons again.

Staying Safe
As with all venues, the most important part of getting back to normal is to do so whilst also staying safe. Protect yourself by following the rules, keep your distance from others, wear a mask if possible, wash your hands before and after visiting the pool and alert them if you develop any symptoms soon after. By doing all of this, you will be ensuring that swimming can be a safe activity to take part in and that everybody can continue to enjoy it once again. 

We cannot wait to see all of those happy little faces in the water again!