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Pools are re-opening after Lockdown 2
Posted on 30th November 2020

It didn’t feel that long ago when we were celebrating swimming pools reopening after Lockdown 1.0 and here we are repeating all of it again. It’s certainly been a tough year if you are an avid swimmer, if you use it to stress relieve, for mental health purposes, for physical health or for your children to learn but thankfully, this was a far shorter lockdown period and you can now get back to your daily or weekly swim no matter what tier you are in.

The Rules
Just as a reminder, these were the previous pool rules guidance which will continue to be in place (always check with your local pool before visiting):

Booking system to control the number of visitors
One way systems in place in the building and changing areas (where possible)
One way system for swimming
2 metre distancing markers and rules in place
Recommendation that showers are not used but to shower at home instead
Arrival in swimwear
An alteration in the way lessons are taught- teachers on poolside, social distancing measures, parents asked to enter the water for those who are not confident enough
Provide your own floats, buoyancy aids, armbands
Pools divided into sections
No overtaking other swimmers
Double width lanes
At least 6 square metres between each swim activity

Are You Pool Ready?
The next part to check off your list is whether or not you are swimming pool ready. Do you have all you need to ensure that you can follow the rules? Have your children grown during the lockdown? Do they need to provide their own buoyancy aids in their lessons? Is there anything new they now require? Let’s take a look at that all important checklist:

With the change in season and with most pools asking you to arrive swim ready, it may be a good time to look at whether anybody has grown out of their current swimwear, the condition it is in, how covering it is (i.e. a bikini may be a little chilly now), comfort (are any parts now riding up?) and so on. With a wide range of boys and girls swimwear, adults plus maternity swimwear we have you covered.

Swim nappies
Investing in a good reusable swim nappy is a must. Not only will you never run out, you will also be saving yourself money in the long run. Most pools will ask that you use the double nappy system and our Happy Nappy makes the perfect neoprene cover. Available in a range of styles and sizes as well as providing amazing containment, they are recommended by 90% of swim schools.

Hooded Towel
Our super-soft 100% cotton hooded towels are highly absorbent and designed to wrap cosily around your baby’s body to provide warmth and comfort after swimming or bath time. The hood provides extra warmth and draws moisture away from hair and skin.

Being away from swimming so much this year can have a negative effect on swim confidence and you may notice that your child isn’t quite as happy as they were with having water splashed in their eyes or putting their head under. This is perfectly natural, they have lost that routine and may be a little nervous now. This is nothing to worry about as, with time, they will gain their water confidence back and will begin to progress again but for the time being you could help them by purchasing a good pair of goggles.

Warm in One
Several factors have or may have changed for you this year. One is that we are now into winter and it can be far colder for your little one to transition from changing area to pool and back again. The pool may be a little colder with fewer people in there to warm the air and lastly, you may have had a baby during this time and you may want to take them for their very first swim. Smaller babies feel the cold far more than a toddler due to the lack of movement and inability to fully regulate their body temperature so how do you ensure that they can swim happily even as a newborn? Our warm in one is the perfect swimwear option for you at this time. The fleece-lined Warm In One baby wetsuit is the warmest wetsuit in our range. The cosy fleece will help to keep them feeling snuggly, even when they are in the water and the long sleeves and legs provide full-body coverage.

Float suit
Again, your younger child may be going swimming for the very first time or after a long period away and water confidence can be an issue at first. The Floatsuit from Splash About is a gorgeous swimsuit style buoyancy aid, designed to hold your child in the correct learn to swim position. Featuring our unique 16-piece adjustable float system, you can remove floats from the Floatsuit as your child becomes more comfortable being in the pool. 

Swim vest
The swim vest also offers that required buoyancy but is a little more slimline with non-removable floats. It is perfect for a very active toddler or child who just needs that little extra help in the water.

Float jacket
Our float jacket is similar to the above with the difference being that you can remove the floats in this style which means you can adjust the jacket as and when your child requires it.

Float wings
Float Wings are a fun and safe way for your child to gain water confidence. Combining the idea of traditional armbands and the chest support of a Float suit, the Float Wings will provide balance for your child in the water and help to keep them afloat.

Traditional armbands are still a very popular option as they can easily deflate to be stored away, they are comfortable to wear and work well as a buoyancy aid for your child.

Swim noodle
Brand New for 2020. Splash About Swimming Pool Noodles are versatile foam floats which can be used for swimming games, exercise and relaxation. They are now a popular choice in most children’s swimming lessons as they can be used as a learn-to-swim aid and for building confidence in water.

Whatever your needs, we have them covered here at Splash About and we hope you enjoy getting yourselves back to the pool and back to all of that splashing fun!