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Posted 12/03/2024

 Easter Essentials - Helping you pack


The Easter Holidays are nearly upon us and for many, this is a time to embark on a family holiday or plan some days out with the kids.

Here at Splash About, we love kids school holidays, especially Easter, with the promise of longer days and warmer weather ahead (and a visit from the Easter Bunny of course!). It is the time that the UK Holiday Parks open their doors for a new year and flights to holiday destinations are full.

Let us help you pack with some holiday essentials from our baby swimming, learn to swim and toys ranges, to ensure you have everything you need for a break away or a day out at the pool with the kids.

Baby Swimming

If you are considering your first holiday with your baby this Easter, you might be struggling with what to take to make life easier. We can help. Start with a Happy Nappy™. This is a neoprene reusable swim nappy that will ensure your baby is not the reason the pool is evacuated to be cleaned! As it is reusable, you only need one for your break, meaning there is more room to pack bottles, sterilisers, cuddly rabbits, blankets and all of the other baby essentials that take up more room than you would ever believe! The Happy Nappy is incorporated into several different products such as the Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit, Happy Nappy™ Costume or Happy Nappy™ Sunsuit, so you can choose the item that is best for you and your baby. If your holiday is abroad, the Happy Nappy™ Sunsuit is a great item to consider as it incorporates a ¾ sleeve rash top to keep your baby protected from the sun at the same time as offering Happy Nappy™ leak protection.

Learn to Swim products

The buoyancy ranges from Splash About are all designed to help your child on their learn to swim journey. They offer enough buoyancy to keep children stable in the water and they tip them forward slightly so their shoulders are under the water, enabling them to move their arms and get to grips with their first swimming strokes. This means that even when they are on their half term break and having fun in the pool, they can keep practising their swimming.


Go Splash Swim Vest

If you are heading away on holiday, we recommend taking the Go Splash Swim Vest. This is a buoyancy jacket designed for easy packing, it is slim and lightweight and dries really quickly so it can be taken on and off all day with no complaints from impatient children! The Swim Vest has flat, non-removable floats so it will slide into beach bags easily and is available in a whole range of cute designs for boys and girls up to 6 years old.


If you are planning to use the Easter Holidays to teach your child to swim yourself, you may want to consider one of our adjustable buoyancy Floatsuits. These work in the same way as the Go Splash Swim Vest mentioned above, but they contain 16 float bars that can be removed to adjust the buoyancy offered. If your child is starting from scratch, keep all 16 float bars in the Floatsuit, hold their hands in the water and keep supporting them until they can use their own arms to keep afloat. As they practice and become more able, you can then start to remove the floats to lessen the buoyancy. Who knows, by the end of the holidays they may be swimming without any support at all!


Easter holidays at a holiday park or abroad = lots of swimming = lots of pool toys required! We have got you covered. All the toys you need from one place.

For Babies

For babies, the Flip and Float Pufferfish toys are a perfect choice. Small enough to pack into swim bags, they can be used as a distraction for babies who are not yet keen on the water, for babies who love to grab and throw and for teething babies who just want to chew, even when in the swimming pool. These cute toys bob around on the water and flip over when patted by little hands. They have no holes so they don’t collect mould and they are made with no small parts or harsh chemicals so are safe to be put in tiny mouths.

For Toddlers

For toddlers our neoprene Pufferfish Balls are great. They can be used as comforters if your little one cannot be without a cuddly toy, and they are soft and lightweight so they can be thrown safely in the water or on the beach. Alternatively, for sports mad kids, the Splash About Sports Ball, looks just like an American Football, but is inflated with air to make it lightweight and fun to throw and catch.

For Older Children

For older children we have a range of dive toys that encourage children to practise swimming underwater and can be made into games for extra excitement. Our Pufferfish Dive Sticks are super cute and really colourful so they can easily be seen under water, or the dive streamers make a fun toy as they wave from the bottom of the pool to be retrieved.

Check out our range of inflatables too! From baby swim seats, to bright swim rings and inflatable friends we have everything you need and lots you didn’t know you needed too!

Other Accessories

Don’t forget to pack extra towels for swimming. Our quick-dry geometric towel is a holiday essential. Big enough to fit around babies, children, teens and adults, it is super absorbent and soft and will dry out quickly so it can be used all day. Even better than that, it doesn’t hold sand, so if you’re using it to relax on the beach, just give it a shake and all the sand will tumble off ready to be rolled up and popped back into your beach bag.

Another small and convenient essential is a good old pair of goggles. Just as sunglasses will stop whinges from children when out and about, goggles will help to keep children comfortable in the pool for longer, allowing them to see under water and keep chlorine out of their eyes. We have a complete range for kids, teens and adults so there is bound to be a pair to suit the whole family.

As you can see, Splash About can supply everything you need for your Easter holidays! Well, for the swimming part anyway, unfortunately we haven’t branched out into chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks… yet!

Happy Splashing this Easter. Remember to tag us in any Instagram, Facebook or TikTok posts, we love to see you enjoying your Splash About products at home and away.