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Everything you need to know about Baby Wetsuits

Posted on 27th January 2020

When it comes to swimming with your baby, the most important thing you want to ensure is they are both comfortable and warm. Your baby needs to enjoy the experience in order for them to want to enter the water again and to help them to improve confidence in the water and to prevent them from developing a fear. Any bad experience can remain with them and being too cold can play a major factor in this which is one of the reasons why baby wetsuits are often essential for swimming. Here is everything you need to know about baby wetsuits...


What is a Baby Wetsuit?

Baby Wetsuits help keep babies and toddlers warm in the water for longer, they are often made from Neoprene but can be made from other fleece lined materials. Baby Wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water between your child’s body and the wetsuit’s material which enables your child’s body temperature to warm it and in turn, keeps them warm in the water.

They come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs which means you can easily choose a wetsuit that suits the type of location, for example, for the beach in the UK, you will most probably rather have a full-body suit that will help to keep your little one warm in our colder sea whereas in a well-heated pool you may opt for a baby wetsuit that just covers their trunk. Here at Splash About, we have a wide selection of baby wetsuits in order to meet all of your swimwear needs. 


The Variety of Baby Wetsuits

Fleece-lined Warm In One

This baby wetsuit is Splash About's warmest baby wetsuit, which is made from a fleece lined TPU fabric which provides extra warmth for those children who may find the water very cold (especially common in younger babies) and will allow them to enjoy their swim for longer. It is also beneficial for the chilly transition from the pool to the changing room. Splash About's Warm In One has full-length arms and legs, will provide 50+ UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) Sun Protection and it is also wind and sand resistant. 

Happy Nappy Wetsuit

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the number 1 choice for both babies and toddlers. Made from 1mm thick Neoprene this innovative baby wetsuit will not only keep your child warm and comfortable in the water but it also features a built-in Happy Nappy which means you won't have to think about purchasing swim nappies on top of this product. This wetsuit covers your baby's trunk, arms and also has a high neck. Their legs are left out but for swimming lessons, this is perfect as it enables them to use their kicking action freely. It has a zip-opening on the back, making it very simple to get on and off and as with the other wetsuits it is also manufactured to UPF 50+ standards. This wetsuit is perfect for both swimming pools and beaches.

Baby Wrap

Made from the same warm Neoprene material, the Baby Wrap is ideal for those more active babies and toddlers who still require some warmth but are able to keep their own body temperatures up with the exercise of swimming. The Baby Wrap covers the trunk of the body but has no full-length arms or legs. The benefit of this is that it leaves their limbs completely free to move whilst still providing that core warmth to enable them to enjoy the pool for longer. This baby wetsuit opens up completely flat which allows easy dressing and has velcro tabs to help you to easily adjust the size.  

Jammer Wetsuit

The Jammer Wetsuit is a toddler wetsuit designed for children between 2-5 Years. Made from super soft Neoprene, it has coverage for the trunk and the upper legs and also features the integrated Splash Jammer which provides the same leak protection as the Happy Nappy, as well as a medical grade silicone on the legs to keep the suit in place and fully protect from any faecal leaks. It is ideal for toddlers or children who are not yet potty-trained but still require some extra warmth when swimming.  

Does a Baby Need to Wear One?

Unlike the Happy Nappy ,Baby Wetsuits are not a compulsory piece of swimwear, however, it is highly beneficial for you to make the most out of your swimming session, it will make them feel far more comfortable in the water and it will allow them to concentrate on the activity rather than becoming upset due to being cold. Obviously, if the pool you are visiting is heated to a higher temperature than average (32° for younger babies is advisable) then you will need to weigh up what type of wetsuit they will require, but for the majority of public pools, the water will be far cooler and you will need to take this into consideration. If you get cold during a swim, imagine how chilly your non-moving baby will be. If they become too warm you can at least remove a layer, if they become too cold your only option is to cut your swimming session short. 

Do They Come With Floats/Swim Aids Built-in?

A baby wetsuit is designed for children under 2 years old and mainly for swimming lessons and therefore we do not sell any Baby Wetsuits with in built swim aids as all Splash About Swim Aids start at age 1 Years. 

How Do I Wash a Baby Wetsuit?

After every use, a baby wetsuit should be rinsed out using cold tap water to try and remove as much chlorine or salt water as possible and then left to air dry. You should avoid drying them in direct sunlight to prevent the material from perishing. If your baby has had an accident inside their wetsuit, you can gently hand wash in mild detergent, no conditioner and again air dry. 

What Else Do I Need for Baby Swimming?

Your baby swimming checklist should look at these items:

Happy Nappy with either Happy Nappy System or disposable swim nappy underneath
Swim Nappy Liners
Changing Mat
Baby Wetsuit
Swimming costume or trunks (personal choice)
Swim hat with UV protection if on the beach
Suncream if outside
Hooded Towel
Swim bag
Wet bag

We hope this has made choosing a baby wetsuit far clearer and highlighted why we believe they are essential for your child to enjoy their swimming session. 

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