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Keep warm in the pool with our wetsuits
Posted on 7th January 2015

Winter is well and truly here it’s blowing a gale and raining. Swimming is becoming a less exciting prospect for all of us, it’s not just getting out of the water and getting back to the car in a gale with still wet hair slapping at your face. It’s the thought of getting undressed out of woolies and then getting into a cold pool that always feels colder in winter (even though it probably isn’t)

Well, we don’t make adult wetsuits to keep you warm in the pool, but we do have it covered for babies and toddlers. They feel the cold even more than we do and a miserable cold baby, toddler or even small child can have a disastrous effect on a swimming lesson, or a day out with siblings.

Splash About Wetsuits provide you with the best choice of warm water gear. All are easy to get on and off (a must in damp changing rooms) and all will provide different types of warmth when you need it. The multi award winning Happy Nappy Wetsuit is loved by parents and swim teachers for its extra warmth and additional nappy support. The Baby Wrap, our wrap around core warmth wetsuit, is by far the simplest of our wetsuits to get wriggling babies in and out of and at the top of the warm scale is our award winning Warm-in-one, which provides total coverage and is fleecy lined to not only add warmth but also keep barrier and eczema creams in place. You will be hearing a lot more about our wet suit range in 2015 as we spread the word.

For older more active toddlers and young children the UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit is a great solution providing good all over warmth but leaving arms free for maximum movement and splashability.

Have a look at our Wetsuit pages and compare the products to see which is the perfect solution this winter for your family. Sizes range from birth to 2 and a half years on our baby ranges, with the Combi catering for children up to 6 years.

Older children are easier to keep warm because they are moving much more in the water, so unless you are planning a trip to the sea they shouldn’t need the extra warmth in the pool. But they will certainly feel the chill when they get out. Have a look at our toweling range, these ready to wear towels come as ponchos, extra large towel with hood and even tops and bottoms, which mean kids don’t have to struggle back into outside clothes after swimming.

Roll on Summer brrrrrrrrrr……..