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New Invention: Happy Nappy Baby and Toddler Wetsuit
Posted on 27th August 2015

Keep babies happier for longer by staying warm in the pool.

Taking a very young baby to swim class has become more and more popular over the past few years as new mums learn about the benefits that these classes can bring to their baby; word has spread from other mums, from the media and via the Internet and social media.

We regularly receive letters and emails asking us about the correct age to start baby in swim classes and even this advise has changed in the past couple of years, with the medical profession now advising that babies don’t have to wait for their inoculations before swimming, so in theory you could take a baby swimming from birth and in fact we do have several great photos of a dad taking his son to his first class at just a day old!

The biggest problem has always been keeping these young babies and even older babies warm in chilly water. The leisure industry are at pains to point out that they haven’t turned down the heat on their pools during the recession, but anecdotal evidence would state differently. Whilst a constant temperature of 31 degrees is recommended for children’s swimming this is still on the chilly side for a baby or toddler.

The Splash Lab have now developed the ultimate in baby warm water wetsuits. The Happy Nappy wetsuit incorporates a full Happy Nappy within the body, meaning it is the only product you will need in the water. With full Happy Nappy protection and the warmth that our super soft neoprene wetsuit offers, parents now have a far more cost effective and reliable solution to keeping warm and keeping pools clean.

The Happy Nappy wetsuit has already taken GOLD in the “Loved by Parents” awards for 2015 and is approved to wear by all the major baby swim schools. In addition the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the only all in one product to be recommended by the new British Standard Guidelines for Baby swimming, which is published in September this year.

This ground breaking innovation will make swimming a warmer and more comfortable experience for babies and toddlers and of course a safer experience for pool operators who have to deal with the huge clean up costs from faecal leaks weekly. We are proud of our Happy Nappy wetsuit and passionate about clean baby swimming. So when you book your baby swim classes and think about keeping baby warm the Happy Nappy wetsuit is the number 1 choice you can make. Our complete range has 7 different designs to choose from, that’s the only difficult decision you will have to make!

Remember wetsuits are tricky to get on adults and even more so with very young babies. Its important to follow the three step guide for an easy changing room experience.

The Happy Nappy wetsuit is made from two sections, the Happy Nappy bottom and the wetsuit top. A long zip fastens the garment at the back. Do Not try and put baby into the suit as if it was a baby grow or vest as it will be a struggle and baby may get frustrated. Pay particular attention to the size guide measurements neck to crotch as this will ensure you get the best fit.

1. Open the zip as far as possible and roll down the top half section to the rib of the nappy inside.

2. Sit baby on your knee and put on the Happy Nappy bottom half pulling up firmly to cover the whole of babies bottom. make sure the front is also pulled up, and the thigh ribs are nicely fitted at the top of the legs.

3. Now with baby sat on your knee, facing away from you, roll up the top half of the wetsuit slipping the arms through the sleeves, then firmly bringing the back parts together to zip up.
When the Happy Nappy is on, it should fit well from neck to crotch, if the garment is too short on your baby it may be an uncomfortable fit. The suit should be snug round the top of the legs and the bottom of baby, but should be roomy and comfortable in the body.

If you have any problems fitting your Happy Nappy wetsuit, please contact us on the Splash Lab number 01472 236465.