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Springing into summer and other things
Posted on 27th April 2016

Springing into summer and other things.

Well it’s chaos at Splash Towers! Not only are we launching our new SS16 range of baby swimwear and up to our eyeballs in awards season but we are also getting ready to launch our first range of specialist baby swim teether toys!

This year we have been incredibly conscious of too much pink, we know it’s popular and we know most of you want pretty pink for your baby girls but confession time. I hated buying pink for my daughter (being drawn towards greens and orange) and it seems I wasn’t alone. We have also received a few emails and letters asking for something a little bit different, so we gave the matter some more thought.

This is a hard argument to have with our finance team, new product design team and even our shops, because pink really does sell! However, I think we have managed to get a great balance this year and I have been promised that we can introduce orange if the green and blue sell well!

Right then, introducing…

To Catch a Dragon fly


This range is a lovely bright shade of mint green neoprene with coral ribs at the waist and leg. The ribs have little white wheat head illustrations and the bright mint of the neoprene is patterned with dragonflies and butterflies. The fine illustrations in navy, grey, green and white are incredibly detailed. Our design team worked very hard with our factory to get the print quality as high as possible and the overall effect is striking and visually very beautiful. It’s such a pity my daughter is 17 because even now I know she could rock a Dragonfly wetsuit!

Blue Blossom


Our Pink Blossom print is incredibly popular so using that as a template we tried a number of different colour hues to set off the original design. In the end this beautiful bright cornflower blue won our hearts, with the trailing tendrils of the blossom in a contrasting paler blue, leaving the white of the blossom very well highlighted and fresh. Very kitsch, very classy and very not pink for all those cornflower blue fans this is a fantastic alternative.

Vintage Moby


For all our lovely nautical babies out there, we bring you the classic tale of Moby Dick. Well not really all the tale, just the whale and anchor bit. With air force blue piping and ribs and the Moby illustrations set on a soft dusty turquoise neoprene, this is truly a vintage and classical range.


Certainly baby swimming will never look better than it does than in Splash About!

More on those toys at the end of the month, watch this space.