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Super Monday
Posted on 16th March 2015

Today is Dday at the Splash Lab, it marks the start of the 2015 roll out of all our new products and it’s mayhem. Not only do we have new designer wear for Baby Swimming, we are also launching gorgeous Maternity swim wear and our Holiday shop for kids from 6 months – 8 years old and there are numerous fantastic new products and product improvements to add to that throughout March and April, just in time for holidays. Seriously there will be NO excuse not to look fantastic at the pool or on the beach this year. Today is launch day for new baby swimming 2015 designer collections.

Pink Blossom launches a newer deeper more rose hued pink, so we can retire the older pink. We have added a splash of beautiful blossom to herald the start of the summer season, mix and match with motif or all over print to show off those new swim moves. Mums beware, your baby will outshine you in this fresh new look.

Surfs Up, grab your board and head down to the sand in this bohemian surfer look. Team motif with all over print for a stronger look. Bright orange and powder blue gives a vintage feel to this classic style.

Pink Candy, sweet yet chic combining candy stripes with the warmer softer 2015 pink. Mix and match or even combine with Pink Blossom for the best looking swim gear this year.

Check out the teaser campaigns and look out for competitions on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all through March and April for some great prizes and giveaways. Share the news with friends and family and lets make it our biggest giveaway ever.

I thought this might be a great time to remind everyone of the importance of learning to swim and how lucky we are in the UK. In many countries including those close to home like Holland, France and even the USA, Baby Swimming isn’t nearly as advanced as here in the UK, with babies not being taken into the pool until they are 1 year and older.

The baby swim industry in the UK is hugely impressive with, in the main well planned and run lessons from reputable companies, all ensuring babies and toddlers have good experiences in the water and most courses resulting in happy outcomes where toddlers then progress from pre-fundamental swimming to proper lessons and ultimately to swimming. Although the government in the UK is supportive of swimming ensuring that those children that can’t are swiftly identified at compulsory school swimming lessons, these can be basic at best. The most effective swimming lessons are those started early on in one of the many private swim schools.

Unfortunately it’s not cheap, with lessons costing upwards of £12 per half hour session, but with rave reviews from mums and dads up and down the country the market is booming. If you have more than one child or simply cannot afford the cost of these specialist lessons you needn’t miss out on valuable splash times with baby. You simply need to DIY until age 3 - 4 when the cost of lessons comes down considerably, remember investment in swimming lessons is one of the best life skills you can give to your child.

10 top tips to DIY baby swimming

- Gently swirling warm water in the baby bath up and around baby’s shoulders and across their tummy, the sensation is instantly soothing for babies and they have no fear.
- Over time introduce toys and sponges that can be used for splashing and squirting, these are great for getting babies and toddlers used to water on their face.
- You can take babies into public pools from birth, although these tend to be a bit chilly for young babies, who loose heat quickly from their bodies (unless they are a Hydro therapy pool) so getting a good baby wetsuit is invaluable.
- Get POO protected – if using a pool, get a Happy Nappy, its proven to effectively stop poo leaking into pools. Babies poo a lot, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Almost all baby swim schools insist upon one for this very reason. So even if you are DIY swimming with baby get yourself POO protected.
- Swim seats are a great idea for helping baby become a bit more independent in the water and giving you the ability to pull them, spin them and interact with them at arms length rather than holding them. This will add to babies understanding of the water separate from their parent.
- Take a few bath books and balls if you are heading to the pool, reading and playing in the water will stop you both becoming bored.
- Show baby how you can put your face in the water, over time baby will copy you. NEVER force your baby underwater, the underwater sessions at baby swim schools involve lots of specialist training and you shouldn’t try this yourself. Your child will slowly learn to do this themselves by watching you and playing games. Take it slowly and go at babies own pace.
- Always bath or swim at least, 20 minutes after a feed, that way food is settled and is less likely to be bought back up and baby is nice and full and not getting irritated because they are hungry.
- Make sure you have a spare set of clothes for after swimming, its surprising how often you drop the first set in a puddle in the changing room.
- Have a bottle or breast ready for after swim when they are swaddled in a towel. That way they get to warm up and dry off whilst feeding, ready to be dressed, rather tan you trying to dry them off in the cold air.

MUST have products for DIY baby swimming.

- First on the list is the POO protection Happy Nappy or Costume. These come in lots of designs and styles and colours we even offer a Happy Nappy board short for those stylish baby boys.

Anti bacterial changing mat – this award winning product is a MUST have, the rubber back and neoprene front ensure baby stays warm whilst protected in the changing room from dirty floors are surfaces.

- Baby wet suit – choose the perfect suit for your baby. In lots of beautiful colours and designs. You will be the talk of the pool!

- Full coverage for arms and body in the Snug

- Baby Wrap – easy to get on and off providing lots of core body warmth

- Warm In one – this super soft full body wet suit gives extra warmth for young babies and also offers fantastic fleece protection for those babies with eczema or other skin conditions. Its perfect for keeping those sticky creams in place

- Super soft Hat – Babies loose heat quickly through their heads, so these special soft and matching caps are perfect for chilly water.


Remember DIY swimming shouldn’t be a chore, relax and enjoy the time together. Happy Splashing from Splash About.