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The Safest way to travel, is by Stork
Posted on 20th February 2014

It’s with a very relieved smile I can tell you all that the first Splash-a-baby has been safely delivered, and I’m very pleased to say that mummy and baby are home, well and resting. I admit, we did all get a bit emotional and excited about our new baby girl that we even considered finished early for the day… Then we saw our list of jobs and decided that in true Lesley style, we’d celebrate by working.

So it seems that whilst the Stork isn’t affected by the horrific weather conditions, for most of the country, the weather has had a devastating effect on many friends and customers, particularly on the South Coast, and we want to wish you all well. We have also been badly affected by the adverse weather with Felixstow closed to freight, delaying all of our shipments. We have done our very best to get as much stock as possible on the website and in retail stores for you and with three large containers either trying to dock at port, or in a queue waiting for the first shipments to be unloaded.

Yesterday saw our first container arriving at the warehouse and stock is available to send out today! It shouldn’t be long before we are completely back in stock again, and launching the complete range of the brand new Splash About Collections – we’re hoping early March. Please bear with us and let’s hope it stops raining!