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Guru Review Lisa and Sophie: Warm In One
Posted on 1st August 2017

We got sent the Warm In One Dragonfly. When it arrived I not only loved the design but also the quality. The fleece lined interior felt super soft, which gave me confidence that my daughter would feel comfortable in it. It was also extremely easy to put on, with a strip of Velcro on the reverse side, so no zips to worry about getting caught.

The only concern I had, was that it may restrict her movement during swimming lessons, , but I had nothing to worry about. Even when the suit is wet, it is still exceptionally light and our daughter was extremely happy waving her arms and kicking her legs.

The first day of our holiday we went onto the beach and  it was slightly windy, but still sunny and  the warm in one was fantastic. Not only did it keep her warm when it was windy,  but it also kept the sand out so she didn't get irritated by it.

The next day at the beach we had perfect sunshine and it was very hot.The warm in one worked tremendously. It protected her skin from the sun, so we didn't have to worry about her getting burnt. She even  had a quick surf lesson with dad in the sea and it must of kept her warm enough because she didn't bat an eyelid that the sea was cold.

While on holiday we went swimming every day in the indoor and outdoor heated  pools and she seemed quite content in her suit. Normally after 20 minutes her arms and legs start to get cold so we have to leave, but with the warm in one we got to stay in for 40 minutes.

I would highly recommend anyone worried about their babies getting cold in a regular swimming pool or sun protection at the beach to purchase one, but I don't feel this product was suitable for swimming in a hydrotherapy pool with a temperature that exceeds 34 degrees, as my daughter overheated. I am extremely Impressed with the many different situations where this suit became very useful and think these are just terrific.

Kind regards

Lisa Langdon


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