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Guru Reviews Lucy and Isla: Baby Wrap, Happy Nappy & Splash Pals
Posted on  2nd July 2018

Guru Reviews: Baby Wrap, Nappy & Splash pal review

Reviewer: Lucy Theaker

So we was given the Garden Birds Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap to try out on Isla. Sooooooo happy I have been lusting over this pattern for a while and it's even more beautiful in the flesh!

We have used Splash About Happy Nappies on Isla since she started her swim lessons at around 14 weeks.

They have always fit her lovely and allowed her movement in the water. We have never needed to wear a wrap during her swim lessons because the pool is lovely and toasty. I am loving the new designed Happy Nappy, the fit is lovely, and appears a nicer fit than her previous happy nappies. This Happy Nappy is a large (6-12 months) and the wrap (6-18 months) which is a true fit for my now 7.5 month little lady.

The nappy has a deeper waist band that rises higher on her tummy and back which provides confidence incase of little leaks. Luckily we have haven't been in the situation yet to test this out??. The Happy Nappy stayed put in the water, it didn't twist or roll down. I love that the wrap will grow with her so will last a long time (until 18 months) such good value for money for parents.

Isla appears comfortable in her Happy Nappy and wrap, she is able to wriggle, kick and splash wish ease. This is really important in her swim lessons.

Oh and Isla is loving her new penguin Splash Pal. The packaging shows there is 4 to collect, a seal, turtle, platypus and the penguin. We need them all . Our splash pal joins us in the bath, pool, paddling pool, car seat- everywhere really. His feet are especially great for chomping on. It doesn't feel like a typical bath toy- it's squidgy, and it's brilliant at floating. My pet peeve with bath toys is that they don't float how they are supposed to, Isla's Splash Pal (yet to name) self rights in the water to float on its back perfect.

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