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Swimming For Everyone
Posted on 12th January 2022

Sometimes life throws a curve ball, unexpected, challenging and life limiting. When that happens either in adulthood or childhood, facing that challenge needs support and an in depth understanding of how to overcome it.

According to NHS data 1 in 10 people in the UK suffer from some form of Bowel incontinence and over 900,000 children suffer from bladder and bowel disfunction, these are life affecting and life limiting conditions that almost always result in these people and children not accessing swimming.

We take swimming incredibly seriously and know that professionals worldwide recommend swimming as a safe and beneficial way of exercising for able bodied people and those with either physical or mental challenges. 

There are many barriers to swimming for people with physical special needs, these include entry into the water, changing facilities and a lack of specialist hoist equipment. But the one area no one wants to talk about is incontinence, be that shy bladder or full incontinence, it’s the greatest barrier to swimming, the one least talked about and the easiest to solve.

Incontinence swim products on the market today whilst functional, are either obviously for an incontinence problem or ugly, or in some cases both! And that in itself is a barrier to swimming for lots of teenagers and adults, who would be embarrassed to wear them.

Form cannot be less important than function, it must be at least as important. With that in mind we have redeveloped our range. For us the safety element has always been key, using our extensive expertise making leak proof swimwear is our forte. This time we focused on how the swimwear would look and feel.

Costumes – size range from 6-22.

Comes with all the security and incontinence protection needed in a stylish design, technically constructed to give extra bust support and that bit of extra body cover with a fashionable skirt. The hidden incontinence pant is specially designed to ensure no leaks and yet be discreet, so no one else will know.

Jammers – small to XL

Jammers are technically designed with a hidden incontinence pant and a secure waistband, in a jammer style short. They offer almost complete protection against incontinence. Fashionable and discreet.


Swimming is one of life’s great joys, helping soothe both body and mind, it should be available for everyone, regardless of their physical ability and it should be available without the embarrassment of swimwear that doesn’t protect or looks obviously like an incontinent pant.

We listened to you and your needs and we are proud to launch these new great products into the market.