Calling all moms and dads, swim teachers and swim schools, the Splash About Splash Jammers have arrived. No more tantrums about wearing swim diapers and no more unfortunate accidental leaks!

Over half of all accidental faecal leaks in pools are due to potty-trained toddlers over the age of 2. These trained youngsters sometimes forget to alert an adult to needing the toilet, or simply get so caught up in having fun, they forget to go and before you know, there’s a “poop in the water” alert.

These unfortunate accidents can prove costly to teachers and schools, resulting in pool closures and filtering for up to 24 hours and ultimately can also spread viruses making other swimmers ill. Also of course they are just very unpleasant.

The new Splash Jammers have been designed with these older toddlers in mind. Made from super soft neoprene the 3D ergonomic shape moves with the child even through the most vigorous of pool play and water kicking. Held securely at the waist with specialist elasticated fabric the jammers stay firmly in place even when the child bends forward. The legs are sealed with medical grade silicone creating a comfortable yet reliable seal ensuring no leaking of faecal matter.

In funky prints these sporty Jammers don’t look like a diaper they just act like one. From the Happy Nappy range of faecal protection the Splash Jammers are available from swim schools, online at and from a range of good online retailers.

Splash About – changing the world one bottom at a time.