What idiot ordered the stand? We only needed a pull up poster and we ended up with a massive 12 foot high and 12 foot long stand that even Apple would have been embarrassed by!

Given that we only had a strict 8 foot area to fit it into and only Lesley and I putting it up, with no instructions and a small key thing, disaster was never far away on set up day, at the US Swim School Association conference in Florida last week.

Disaster didn’t happen thankfully, (although Lisa did make us take a whole side wing off the stand) and we had a fantastic time, meeting truly inspirational teachers and swim school owners, who took time to come and talk to us about their faecal leak issues in pools and changing rooms.

It really is still a massive problem in the USA and where in the UK the incidence of faecal leaks has decreased year on year, in the US it’s an increasingly big problem.  As we spoke about last week, paper diapers and simple diaper covers cannot ever keep baby and toddler poo out of pools, the only solution is a well fitting Happy Nappy and we are so pleased that we were able to share this solution at the conference.

It was also fantastic to learn how many teachers and schools teach children and adults with disabilities. The programs and lessons we learnt about are a credit to the profession and we are proud to be able to offer so much choice for those swimmers in order to keep the water clean and protect other swimmers and teachers. Learning about how these schools provide lessons in such an important life skill was really encouraging.

So it’s a huge thank you to the USSSA and all the members last week for looking after us so well and putting up with our massive stand. We promise to be far more discreet next year. Well, maybe not. See you in 2018!