1. Marvellous Swim Mirrors
    Marvellous Swim Mirrors

    The swim mirror is a relatively new idea in the USA, but one that has been enthusiastically embraced by swim teaches and schools throughout all the states. Its finding one that doesn’t fall to pieces in the first half an hour that has proved difficult. The Splash Mirror is the perfect swim mirror. Available from stock in the US just check our website or ask your local swim class.

    So what on earth is a swim mirror? Well, If you are looking for new ways to engage your baby when you take them swimming, or your youngster is having “Water wobbles” and suddenly developed a fear of water, one of the best distractions is a swim mirror.

    These fantastic water skill toys are sure to stop tears and certain to be chewed. In fact mirrors are incorporated into many baby swim lessons, as teachers have developed programs and songs focused on using the mirror.

    The splash Mirror spent many months in testing and development and lots of prototypes were discarded. Some were far too easily chewed leaving bits of floating foam in the water, some bent and the mirror distorted, scaring the babies when they looked at themselves (this was probably funny, but not at the time of testing) and some shapes were just too hard or too big for little hands to hold.

    Hundreds of babies and toddlers took part in our trials whilst we perfected the Splash Mirror, finally agreeing that the shape had to be interesting and offer plenty of ways to grasp it and hold it. Too round and baby couldn’t manage it, too square and they lost interest, shapes of fish and crabs also didn’t work, because they were too hard for small babies to recognize.

    The perfect shape turned out to be our water splash shape, with lots of contoured edges to grip and chew, made from robust yet super soft EVA, which held a sturdy mirror securely in the middle and chew proof. The EVA surface even stuck to the edge of the pool, so babies could swim towards them, watching themselves getting closer.


    We have seen lots of fantastic uses in classes for the mirror but parents have had great use out of them at home as well, using them in the bath and when they visit the pool outside of lessons. Lightweight, anti mold and quick drying its an ideal bath and swim toy.

    Available from Splash About direct or your local swim school. Happy Splashing!


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  2. USSSA Conference 2017
    USSSA Conference 2017

    What idiot ordered the stand? We only needed a pull up poster and we ended up with a massive 12 foot high and 12 foot long stand that even Apple would have been embarrassed by!

    Given that we only had a strict 8 foot area to fit it into and only Lesley and I putting it up, with no instructions and a small key thing, disaster was never far away on set up day, at the US Swim School Association conference in Florida last week.

    Disaster didn’t happen thankfully, (although Lisa did make us take a whole side wing off the stand) and we had a fantastic time, meeting truly inspirational teachers and swim school owners, who took time to come and talk to us about their faecal leak issues in pools and changing rooms.

    It really is still a massive problem in the USA and where in the UK the incidence of faecal leaks has decreased year on year, in the US it’s an increasingly big problem.  As we spoke about last week, paper diapers and simple diaper covers cannot ever keep baby and toddler poo out of pools, the only solution is a well fitting Happy Nappy and we are so pleased that we were able to share this solution at the conference.

    It was also fantastic to learn how many teachers and schools teach children and adults with disabilities. The programs and lessons we learnt about are a credit to the profession and we are proud to be able to offer so much choice for those swimmers in order to keep the water clean and protect other swimmers and teachers. Learning about how these schools provide lessons in such an important life skill was really encouraging.

    So it’s a huge thank you to the USSSA and all the members last week for looking after us so well and putting up with our massive stand. We promise to be far more discreet next year. Well, maybe not. See you in 2018!

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  3. The Splash Jammer – Champion of toddlers globally.
    The Splash Jammer – Champion of toddlers globally.

    Calling all moms and dads, swim teachers and swim schools, the Splash About Splash Jammers have arrived. No more tantrums about wearing swim diapers and no more unfortunate accidental leaks!

    Over half of all accidental faecal leaks in pools are due to potty-trained toddlers over the age of 2. These trained youngsters sometimes forget to alert an adult to needing the toilet, or simply get so caught up in having fun, they forget to go and before you know, there’s a “poop in the water” alert.

    These unfortunate accidents can prove costly to teachers and schools, resulting in pool closures and filtering for up to 24 hours and ultimately can also spread viruses making other swimmers ill. Also of course they are just very unpleasant.

    The new Splash Jammers have been designed with these older toddlers in mind. Made from super soft neoprene the 3D ergonomic shape moves with the child even through the most vigorous of pool play and water kicking. Held securely at the waist with specialist elasticated fabric the jammers stay firmly in place even when the child bends forward. The legs are sealed with medical grade silicone creating a comfortable yet reliable seal ensuring no leaking of faecal matter.

    In funky prints these sporty Jammers don’t look like a diaper they just act like one. From the Happy Nappy range of faecal protection the Splash Jammers are available from swim schools, online at and from a range of good online retailers.

    Splash About – changing the world one bottom at a time.

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  4. On our way to the USSSA Conference!
    On our way to the USSSA Conference!

    We are very excited about our trip to Florida next week to exhibit at the United States Swim School Association conference. Having spoken at conferences all over the world I can hand on heart say that I am looking forward to this one the most. Not only do we love Disney, but its been raining in the UK since April and we can’t wait to see some sun!

    The conference is a fantastic opportunity for us to meet teachers and school representatives from all over the USA and demonstrate the effectiveness of the new Improved Happy Nappy. This will be its first outing in the US after a fantastic launch in the UK where this new swim diaper has swept the board for awards. Clocking up 5 major awards already and the season has only just started.

    The Happy Nappy swim diaper is the world’s most reliable swim diaper and has been worn in millions of baby swim lessons over the past 15 years becoming mandatory in

    many countries and schools worldwide. Including in the UK where British Standards recommend no child under the age of 4 should swim without one. The multi award winning diaper is constructed to move as the child moves from birth to toddler regardless of the water activity.

    The specially constructed ribs at waist and legs combined with the technical 3D ergonomic shaping of the soft neoprene body of the diaper; makes it the most technically advanced diaper in the world. Utterly reliable, comfortable and robust, that’s why thousands of teachers all over the world have turned to the Happy Nappy Diaper to keep their pools clean.

    Splash About is an avid supporter of baby swimming, the cognitive and bonding benefits are scientifically proven, we allow you to do your wonderful job safe in the knowledge that babies are swimming in clean water. As your diaper partner, we believe in your practice and your skills, let us worry about the diaper whilst you take care of the baby.


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  5. Go Splash Swim Vests - The perfect Holiday swim accessory!
    Go Splash Swim Vests - The perfect Holiday swim accessory!
    The perfect Holiday swim accessory.
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  6. Did you know drowning is the No.1 cause of accidental death in children in the US?
    Did you know drowning is the No.1 cause of accidental death in children in the US?
    Learning to Swim is a life saving skill
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  7. A Wetsuit For Every Baby
    A Wetsuit For Every Baby
    Baby Wetsuits are an essential part of your baby swim kit
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  8. Top Tips for Baby and Toddler Swimming
    Top Tips for Baby and Toddler Swimming
    Top tips for baby and toddler swimming.
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  9. Happy New Year
    Happy New Year
    It’s the start of a new year, diets have been started and resolutions made.
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  10. Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas
    It’s about to get very cold, so the weatherman confidently informed us this morning.
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