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ABS – Adjustable Buoyancy System – The unique removable float system in the Splash About Floatsuits and Float Jacket - 8 or 16 float bars that can be taken out of the suit as the child gains confidence develops in ability.

After Swim Waterproof Onesie – Also known as Fleece Lined Puddle Suits, these are all in one suits, lined with soft fleece, designed to keep children warm after swimming. Originally designed to cut down time in the changing room, babies can be dried off and put straight into these Onesies without dressing. Can also be used over clothing as a puddle suit to wear outdoors.

Armbands - Inflatable or foam-filled buoyancy devices worn on a child's upper arms to provide buoyancy to help children stay afloat in water. Not to be used as life saving devices and must be used under adult supervision.

Aqua Balls – Neoprene balls with soft filling for use in the swimming pool and baths.

Aqua Shorts - Fitted swim shorts made from quick-drying material, providing comfort and coverage for children during swimming sessions.



Baby Swimming – Swim sessions to introduce babies to the water in a safe and nurturing environment, usually led by a trained instructor. These sessions focus on activities that are enjoyable and stimulating for babies, such as gentle movements, floating, blowing bubbles, and playing with water toys.

Baby Swim Schools – Swimming schools that offer provision aimed solely at babies and toddlers. Baby Swim schools may use local pools and leisure centres for their lessons. Examples of baby swim schools include: Water Babies, Turtle Tots and Puddle Ducks.

Baby Swim Seat - Buoyancy devices designed for infants and young children to sit in, used to keep the child afloat and comfortable during water activities. To be used under adult supervision

Baby Pool - A small, shallow pool specifically designed for infants and toddlers to safely enjoy water activities under adult supervision. Often heated slightly warmer than main swimming pools.

Baby Wetsuits – General term for swimwear designed to keep babies warm during swimming sessions. Can be made from neoprene, TPU or Polyester. They provide insulation and help maintain body warmth whilst in the water.

Baby Wrap - A neoprene bodysuit that wraps around the baby's trunk, providing warmth and flexibility without restricting movement. With hook and loop fastenings to make changing easy and allowing for growth.

Barrier cream – a product applied directly onto the skin to create a shield against irritants and preventing the skin from drying out. Can be used on nappy rash, cradle cap and eczema.

Bundle – Group of products, specifically chosen to match or complement each other, that can easily be bought together. At Splash About, buying items as part of a bundles saves you 10% on RRP.



Changing Mat – A portable, waterproof mat to lay babies on whilst changing their nappy. A neoprene changing mat is perfect for swimming pools, providing a warm, comfortable surface against cold, wet floors.

Cryptosporidium – a parasite found in faeces that can cause gastrointestinal illness if ingested.



Diaper – American term for “Nappy”

Disposable Nappy - A nappy that is worn once and then thrown away.

Discount Codes – Unique codes that can be used for discounts on specific products during designated times. At Splash About, discount codes are advertised on our Home Page and can be entered during the checkout process.

Dive Toys – These are sinking toys that encourage children to put their heads underwater and swim under the surface. They usually come in multi packs of 2 or more toys, that are brightly coloured to be seen underwater.

Double Layer Nappy System – The use of 2 swimming nappies to provide double protection against leaks. This comprises of a reusable neoprene swim nappy, with a reusable nappy wrap or disposable swim nappy underneath. The Double Layer System is a requirement of the majority of UK Baby Swim School.



Earplugs - Small, soft devices inserted into the ear canal to prevent water from entering and reducing the risk of ear infections, swimmer's ear, or other ear-related issues during water activities.



Float Bars – Small foam floats that are used within floatsuits and float jackets to provide buoyancy to the wearer.

Floatsuit - A swimsuit with removable float bars positioned around the abdomen, designed to help children maintain a correct swimming position while in the water.

Float Jacket – A neoprene jacket with internal floats to be worn as a buoyancy aid. Float vests hold children in the correct position for learning to swim and floats can be removed as confidence grows. Float Jackets are not life jackets and must not be used unless under constant adult supervision.

Floatboard – Foam board used to help swimmers gain water balance and to improve leg strength. Also known as Kickboards.



Goggles - Protective eyewear designed for swimming, featuring watertight lenses and an adjustable strap to provide clear vision and protect the eyes from chlorine, saltwater, and other irritants.

Go Splash – The name given to our Float Jackets and Swim Vests



Happy Nappy™ - Splash About’s reusable neoprene swim nappy, with specialist leg and thigh ribs and ergonomic shape to reliably protect against leaks. Recommended by the majority of UK Swim Schools.

Happy Nappy Duo™ - Splash About’s neoprene swim nappy with exclusive silver lining that kills bacteria from faeces within the nappy. Classes as a double nappy required by swim schools.

Happy Nappy™ Product Range – Full range of swimwear that includes an integrated Happy Nappy. Includes Happy Nappy Wetsuit, Happy Nappy Costume & Happy Nappy Sunsuit

Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit – Neoprene wetsuit for babies that includes a full Happy Nappy for leak protection.

Happy Nappy™ Costume – Swimming costume for babies with nylon/elastane top and integrated Happy Nappy for leak protection whilst swimming.

Happy Nappy™ Sunsuit – Baby Swimsuit combining a rash top and full Happy Nappy to provide protection from the sun and reliable leak protection in the pool.

HPS – Highest Point of shoulder – this term is used on Splash About Size Guides and refers to the top of the child’s shoulder. Measurements are usually taken from the HPS to the crotch.



Immunisations - Injections given to babies to protect against childhood illnesses at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Babies do not need to have had their immunisations before going swimming.

Inflatables – Vinyl objects that can be inflated with air. Armbands, swim rings and swim seats are all inflatable and safe for use in the pool under adult supervision.

Inner Nappy – Any nappy, disposable or reusable, that is worn underneath a neoprene nappy to form part of the Double Nappy system



Jammers - Knee-length swim shorts that provide more coverage than trunks, made with stretchy material to allow maximum freedom of movement. At Splash About, our Jammers also provide faecal incontinence support to children and adults. See also Splash Jammers.



Kickboard – Also known as Floatboards. A buoyant, flat board held by swimmers to provide support and focus on improving kicking technique and leg strength during swimming lessons or practice



Legionnaire Hats – Sunhats that provide full head and neck coverage and protect the eyes. Usually with some stretch, they sit comfortable over the wearers head and a long flap at the back covers the neck and shoulder area. A peak protects the eyes from the suns rays.

Life Jacket - Personal flotation device designed to keep a person afloat and their head above water. Used for safety during water activities, especially in situations where the wearer may not be a strong swimmer. Not to be confused with Float Jackets or Swim Vests which are not life-saving devices.

Liners – Inserts to be used with reusable nappies to make cleaning easier. Splash About Liners are made from 100% Bamboo and are biodegradable.



Nappy Wrap – A cotton inner nappy to be worn underneath a reusable swim nappy to help contain solids and make cleaning up easier.

Neoprene - A synthetic rubber material commonly used in wet suits, swim shoes, and other water-related gear, known for its flexibility, durability, and insulating properties.

Noodle - Long, cylindrical foam tubes that provide buoyancy and can be used as a swimming aid, toy, or exercise tool in the water.

Nose Clips - Small devices made of plastic or metal, typically with padded ends, designed to pinch the nostrils closed and prevent water from entering the nasal passages during swimming.



Pool and Bath Mirror – Mirrors designed for babies and children to keep them amused during bath time or swimming sessions. Made from lightweight foam and acrylic mirror, they are safe for use in the water.

Pool Toys – Lightweight toys designed to entertain babies and children in the water. Usually made from plastic or latex, they are safe for playing with in the pool or bath. Splash About pool toys are all made without squirt holes, to prevent dangerous mould growth inside.



Rash Tops - Swim shirts made from UV-protective fabric, designed to shield the wearer from harmful sun rays and prevent skin irritation from chafing.

Reusable Nappy – a cloth nappy that can be washed out and worn again.



Sensory Toys – Toys designed to stimulate one or more of a child’s senses. Sensory toys are usually bright, tactile and often produce sounds.

Shorty Wetsuit – A neoprene wetsuit which has short legs and sleeves.

Silver Lining – Specialist lining within the Happy Nappy Duo™, made by incorporating silver nanoparticles into the weave of the polyester, to kill bacteria from faeces within the nappy.

Splash About – Leading baby and toddler swimwear company. Manufacturer and distributor of the Happy Nappy™ and Happy Nappy™ product range, as well as specialist baby wetsuits and pool accessories.

Splash Costume – Ladies swimming costume that provides discreet faecal leak protection

Splash Jammers – Neoprene swim shorts for toddlers, children and adults, designed to provide reliable faecal incontinence protection. Can be worn without any other swimwear on top or any swim nappy underneath.

Splash Shorts – Neoprene swimming briefs for older children and adults, that provide faecal leak protection in the pool – to be worn under regular swimwear.

Swim Hat - Elastic, form-fitting head coverings, typically made of silicone, latex, or elastane, designed to protect the hair and scalp from pool chemicals, reduce drag, and prevent hair from obstructing vision during swimming. In babies, soft elastane swim hats can help keep barrier creams in place and protect little heads from harsh chemicals.

Swim Instructor - A trained professional who teaches swimming techniques, water safety, and provides guidance to individuals or groups learning to swim or improving their swimming skills.

Swim Nappy – A reusable or disposable nappy designed specifically for swimming. Swim Nappies differ to regular nappies as they do not hold in urine and do not swell in water.

Swim Rings - Inflatable rings, available in various sizes, that provide buoyancy and support for children and adults while swimming or playing in the water.

Swim Shoes - Lightweight, quick-drying footwear with non-slip soles, designed to protect feet from sharp objects, hot surfaces, or rough terrain during water activities or on the beach.

Swim Towels - Absorbent towels, often made from materials like microfibre or cotton, designed to quickly dry off the body after swimming.

Swim Vests – Buoyancy aids to help children learn to swim. Splash About Swim Vests are made with flat, non-removable floats to make them portable and lightweight. Not to be used as life jackets.

Sunsuits – All in one suits that provide maximum coverage and protect against UV rays from the sun. They are safe to swim in and are close fitting to eliminate drag in the water.



Thermal Swimwear – designed to keep swimmers warm whilst in the water. Available as one piece garments or shorts and tops, they have a brushed fleece inner and four way stretch that keeps the wearer warm and comfortable. Most thermal swimwear can also be worn under clothing as a base layer in chilly outdoor conditions.

Thermaswim – Splash About’s range of Thermal Swimwear.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) - Waterproof, flexible and lightweight fabric used to manufacture drysuits, outdoor suits and other safety wear. Used by Splash About to make the Warm In One wetsuit.



Under Nappy - Any nappy, disposable or reusable, that is worn underneath a neoprene nappy to form part of the Double Nappy system

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) - A rating system that measures the effectiveness of sun-protective fabrics in blocking ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Higher UPF values indicate better protection, with UPF50+ being the maximum rating achievable.

UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit – Wetsuit made from neoprene with polyester/elastane sleeves and side panels to allow for maximum comfort and movement.



Vaccinations – Injections given to babies to protect against childhood illnesses at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. Babies do not need to have had their vaccinations before going swimming.



Warm In One – A full-sleeved and full-legged baby wetsuit made from soft, fleece-lined material, designed to provide optimal warmth and comfort for young babies in the water.

Water confidence - A level of comfort and familiarity with water, developed through gradual exposure and practice, that enables individuals to feel at ease and safe during water activities.

Wetsuit – A neoprene suit that provides thermal protection in water. Designed to be close fitting to allow a thin layer of water inside which is warmed by body heat.