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Page Reviewed 01/24/23

Why Use Reusable Swim Diapers?

Save Money
A reusable swim diaper is half the cost per wear of a disposable swim diaper:

   Using a reusable nappy for swimming lessons alone will save you $26 per year

Find out more about the differences between disposable and reusable swim nappies here.

  • Pack Lighter for Holidays

The Happy Nappy weighs just 60g, thats 94% less than 2 packs of disposables

Save even more space in your suitcase with Happy Nappy swimming costumes and sunsuits with integrated reusable swimming diapers.

Help the environment

Disposable swim diapers:

Going solely by the number of baby swimmers, reported by the 206 respondents to a 2014 survey by the Swimming Teachers’ Association, * a minimum of 943.8cm3 of (non-swelling) swim nappies are used in the UK each year, which is the equivalent of:

22.5 learner pools

Baby swimming lessons last only 30mins - thats 500 years in landfill for a product that's been used for just half an hour!

Extra comfortable

  • Soft material is gentle on sensitive skin
  • Integrated UPF protection


Leak-free swimming

  • Neoprene swim diapers provide a snug fit with tummy and thigh cuffs that protect against faecal leaks
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Can be worn for a whole day at the beach for children who are nearly potty trained
  • Range of stylish designs - boys, girls and unisex
  • Suitable from newborns to older children, teenagers and adults

Reusable swim diapers are very easy to use – we have a step-by-step guide to wearing and washing swim diapers here.