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Reduce Costs

We understand the challenges you face when unexpected incidents disrupt your operations and impact your profitability. At Splash About, we offer a solution that not only ensures the comfort and safety of swimmers but also helps you significantly reduce operational costs. By investing in Splash About products, you are investing in innovation, practicality, reliability, reputation and, perhaps most importantly, an overall save on spending.

The Happy Nappy™ and the other products in the Happy Nappy range* are all tried and tested and recommended by several swim schools and pools across the country.

Technically designed to move with the baby, the Happy Nappy™ does not gape or sag, and a snug seal, made from specialist rib fabric around the waist and thighs, ensures solids are contained within the nappy.

If babies are wearing a nappy from the Splash About Happy Nappy™ range, the risk of leakage into the pool is drastically reduced, compared with disposable swim nappies or other reusable alternatives.

By purchasing products from the trusted Happy Nappy™ range, you are mitigating the financial implications of faecal leaks, which in turn, will significantly reduce your costs.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

When a faecal leak occurs in your pool, the immediate concern is ensuring the water is clean and safe for use. However, this process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Extra staff may be required for cleaning and extra chemicals and equipment may need to be purchased, just for one leaking swim nappy.

If every baby in your pool is wearing a Happy Nappy™, the chances of contamination is greatly reduced, resulting in less downtime, less manpower required to clean and disinfect, minimum revenue loss and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Pool Closures

In severe cases, a leaking nappy may require a pool closure. Not only does this cause huge inconvenience to swimmers, but it means that your business is losing income for every minute the pool is closed, not to mention reheating and cleaning costs.

By offering the Happy Nappy™ at your pool, you will greatly minimise the risk of a closure.

Lost Lessons

In either of the above cases, swimming lessons may be affected. If a pool is closed for a prolonged period of time, several hours’ worth of lessons may need to be cancelled or postponed.


If a pool has to be evacuated for a temporary closure, there will be disgruntled swimmers who required refunds. This may impact your reputation and affect customer return rates.

By choosing to work with Splash About, you are choosing to minimise the risk of all of the above situations. You can be as confident as we are that you are making the very best decision for your business in terms of operational cost and customer satisfaction.

* The Happy Nappy™ Product Range

When referring to the Happy Nappy™ product range, this means all of our unique products containing a Happy Nappy™: Happy Nappy™, Happy Nappy Duo™, Happy Nappy Costume™, Happy Nappy Wetsuit™, Happy Nappy Sunsuit™.