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Published 14/12/2023

The Happy Nappy™ Swim Diaper & Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit Dressing Guide

Splash About’s baby swimming diapers and specialist wetsuits are designed to provide the best benefits possible to your baby, whether this be to prevent leaks into the pool or to keep them warm in the water. Because of this, certain items can appear difficult to get on and some people do find there is a trick to dressing babies in them.

We want to make your life easier with our products, so here we will explain the best way to dress your babies in the hardest ones – the Happy Nappy™ Happy Nappy Duo™ Swim Diapers and Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit.

Happy Nappy™ and Happy Nappy Duo™ Swim Diapers

Once you have mastered how to easily put on a Happy Nappy™ Swim Diaper, you are halfway there!

Think of putting on a Happy Nappy™ swim diaper like putting on a pair of socks. On a very young baby, dress them whilst they are lying down, on older babies who can support themselves, you may find it easier to sit baby in your lap, facing away from you.

Step 1

Take the Happy Nappy™swim diaper with the front facing out and with both hands, scrunch the top down until your thumbs are through the leg holes (the Happy Nappy™ swim diaper should now look like a thick band of material with the leg holes at the bottom)

Step 2

One leg at a time, stretch the leg hole open to fit your baby’s leg inside. Pull it up onto the top of their thigh before putting the second leg in the leg hole.


Step 3

Once the Happy Nappy™swim diaper is securely on their thighs, pick baby up and pull the back up over their butt. You may find at this stage, you need to “jump” your baby into the Happy Nappy™swim diaper to enable it to be pulled up over their butt and tummy.

Step 4

Once on, ensure the ribs around the thighs are flat and that the waist rib is pulled up to their belly button and flat all around with no twisting or gaping.

Ta dah! All ready to go!

Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit

The Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit is one of the most difficult products to get on quickly. You may find it easier to lay baby on a changing mat on the floor whilst you use two hands to get the wetsuit ready.

Step 1

The first thing that you must do, is unzip the back and roll the top of the wetsuit down over the Happy Nappy™swim diaper until the waist rib of the Happy Nappy™ becomes the top of the suit.

Step 2

Then, continue as above to put the Happy Nappy™swim diaper part on, remembering, the action is much like putting on a pair of socks (please refer to steps 1 to 4 of Happy Nappy™ and Happy Nappy Duo™Swim daiper instructions)

Step 3

When the Happy Nappy™ swim diaper is in place, you can then start to fit the top of the wetsuit. Roll it back up until you can comfortably insert baby’s arms, one at a time.

Step 4

Once both arms are in, you can then zip up the back and your baby is ready to go!