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Baby Swimming

Join thousands of parents and start taking your baby swimming. Although this sounds daunting, there are huge benefits in starting early. Skin to skin contact is an essential part of bonding with your baby and the soothing effects of the water can calm the most unsettled child within minutes. At Splash About we passionately believe in baby swimming and we are experts in manufacturing and designing products to make your life easier. From the famous Happy Nappy to keeping warm in chilly pools, we have the solution for you and your baby.

Happy Nappy™ Products

Our range of leak protection swimwear with an in-build Happy Nappy leak protection. Including the Happy Nappy Swimsuits, Happy Nappy Sunsuit and more.

Baby Wetsuits

Keep you little one warm in the water with our range of Baby Wetsuits which include Baby Wrap and fleece lined Warm In Ones.

Most Popular Categories

Happy Nappy™
Happy Nappy Duo™
Baby Wrap Wetsuit
Warm In One Wetsuit
Happy Nappy Sunsuit
Swim Hats
After Swim Onesie

Pool & Changing

Everything you need for your baby and toddler swimming lessons including After Swim Waterproof Onesie, Towels and more...

Bath & Pool Toys

Range of sensory toys, perfect for padding pools, swimming pools and garden play. Including Pufferfish Balls and Splash Mirror. 

Most Popular in Baby Swimming

Need somewhere to start?


Swim nappies are a must for any child who isn’t potty trained and wants to enjoy a dip in the pool, baby and toddler swim classes, or the sea.

Our in depth guide to swim nappies will help you avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of your child having an accident in the water.


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