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Posted 23/04/2024

Brand New Snippets – the eco-friendly swim toys every child needs!

We are extremely excited to launch our brand-new range of pool toys, Snippets! Not only are these toys irresistibly adorable, but they are also made using leftover materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

These eco-friendly toys are suitable from birth, encouraging babies and young children to enjoy the water, and they are beyond cute. We are incredibly proud to add them to our collection.

Inevitably, during the production of our baby swimming products, there is always some material left over that ends up on the snipping room floor. As we are continuously seeking ways to be kinder to the environment, we decided to make the most of these oddments and put them to good use, rather than disposing of them in landfills.

And so, the Snippets were born: cute sea creatures that can be thrown into swim bags for entertainment at the pool, that help to save the planet, without costing the earth!

Meet the Snippets

The Sardines

This cute and cheeky trio of fish is weighted so they head right down to the bottom of the pool, encouraging little ones to get their heads wet. As the weight is in the Sardines head, it simulates the way a fish would dive down to the bottom of the sea and encourages children to copy.

We like to think they also stimulate little imaginations. Here's how we imagine them in their natural habitat: little pranksters who love hiding among the plants and playing jokes on their seahorse friends. They are also keen eco-warriors; while darting among the seaweed, they collect disposable nappies dumped into the sea, removing them to keep the ocean clean.

The Seahorses

Close friends of the Sardines, the Seahorse siblings also enjoy combing the bottom of the sea, using their tails to scoop up debris and plastics and remove them from the ecosystem.

Like the Sardines, the Seahorses are weighted to sink to the bottom of the pool, encouraging children to dive underwater. With the weight in their tails, they remain upright under the water, making it easy for little hands to reach out and retrieve them.

The Starfish

The Starfish family are adorable, happy creatures bound to bring smiles to tiny faces. Bright and eye-catching, they float along on the water's surface, entertaining babies and young children with their happy faces. These toys are soft and cuddly, making them perfect comforters for children who need a little more encouragement to get into the water.

Contrary to what we're told about starfish having no brains, these chaps are the smart ones of the group and love to educate their friends about how we all have a part to play in saving the planet. Strong advocates for reusable nappies and sustainability, they never stop talking about ways we can live greener, cleaner lives.

The Whale and the Stingray

The grown ups of the group, these best friends swim along merrily on top of the water, keeping an eye on the cheeky youngsters. Never in a rush, they are a calming influence on the young snippets and on little swimmers.

They are big enough for little hands to keep hold of to use as comforters, as well being lightweight enough to be thrown about in the pool.

The Snippets are all available to buy as families. Choose from the divers, the Sardines and Seahorses (sold separately in packs of 3) or the floating toys, the Starfish triplets and the Whale and Stingray twin pack.

 All are made of neoprene which can be rinsed out and squeezed before being left to dry out before their next adventure.