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Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewed 08/05/2024


How do I know which size to buy?

We would always recommend using our size guide to find the right size for your child, particularly when buying a Happy Nappy product. Age ranges are only given as a guide and the measurements should be the main factor when choosing a Happy Nappy product. It is best for the baby to be measured whilst laying flat and not immediately after a feed. You should measure all around their tummy, across the belly button, and at the fullest part of their thigh. When worn, you should be able to get a finger comfortably around the edges of the seal and there should be no red marks.

Many of our products offer a size guide checker. You can access this by clicking on 'Check my size' on the product page, and entering your child's measurements. 

Alternatively, the full size guide for all products can be found at the bottom of each page on our website.

How do I care for my products?

To ensure products remain in good condition our advice is always to hand wash in cool water and dry away from direct sunlight, unless otherwise stated on the care label. We do however, recognise that soiled nappies may need machine washing now again. In this case please wash at 30° and use non-biological detergent. Frequent washing in the machine may affect the longevity of the product.

What do I use underneath a Happy Nappy?

The Happy Nappy reliably protects against leaks into the pool without the need for any other under nappy. However, we do recommend wearing a Nappy Wrap and Liners with the Happy Nappy, to help you with changing and cleaning should an accident occur. Some UK Swim Schools do require a double nappy system. If this is the case, our under nappies should be worn underneath. A disposable nappy will also fit under the Happy Nappy if you prefer.

The Happy Nappy Duo is recognised as a double nappy system by UK Swim Schools and requires no other nappy to be worn underneath.

What is the difference between the Happy Nappy and the Happy Nappy Duo?

The Happy Nappy Duo is the only swim nappy with a silver lining that kills germs from faeces within the nappy. This silver layer gives the Happy Nappy Duo a double nappy status required by most UK Swim Schools, meaning there is no need to buy or use any other under nappy.

The Happy Nappy does not have this silver ion technology and is a single layer swim nappy so will need a nappy wrap underneath if this is stipulated by your childs swim school.

Both the Happy Nappy and Happy Nappy Duo provide reliable leak protection with no need for any other under nappy (unless required by your swim school).

What is the difference between the Go Splash Swim Vest & the Go Splash Float Jacket?

Both of our Float Vests provide the same level of buoyancy. The Go Splash Swim Vest was designed for holidays, with flat, non-removable floats, so is perfect for packing in your suitcase. The Go Splash Float Jacket has 8 removable floats so you can reduce the buoyancy as your child becomes more confident in the water. 

Both the Swim Vest and the Float Jacket are learn to swim aids. They are not life saving devices. They must be used under adult supervision.

My baby has outgrown the baby swimming products. What do I buy next?

Our ranges do not stop at baby swimming. We have lots of products to suit babies, children and even adults who may need incontinence support in the pool.

If you are looking to move on from the Happy Nappy Range, take a look at our Jammers collection. These offer the same faecal leak protection as a Happy Nappy in ages ranging from 2 years to adult.

If your baby has outgrown our baby wetsuits, take a look at the UV Sun & Sea Suit or Shorty Wetsuits which are both suitable for wearing in swimming pools. Our Thermaswim range may be a suitable next step if looking to move on from our Baby Warm In One. (Please note, none of the wetsuits for older children contain the Happy Nappy technology, so if incontinence support is required, this must be purchased seperately)

Does the Happy Nappy hold in urine?

The Happy Nappy and Jammers are not waterproof, therefore they do not hold in urine. They are designed to hold in solids. There are no swimming nappies on the market, disposable or reusable, that will hold in urine. Always use a regular nappy for the journey to the swimming pool and change into the Swim Nappy just before entering the pool.

What is UPF 50+?

UPF is the UV Protection Factor rating which shows how much of the suns harmful rays can pass through the fabric. Using UPF50+ clothing protects against 97% of the sun harmful rays.

What's the difference between a Life Vest and a Swim Vest?

A Life Vest is a buoyancy device designed to keep a person afloat, with their head above water and will work even if the wearer is unconscious. The flotation is based around the front of the vest. A Swim Vest is not intended as a life saving device. It has a lower buoyancy than a life vest and the floats surround the core of the body, helping the wearer achieve a natural swimming position. It requires the wearer to paddle and kick to keep them afloat. Find out more in our article What is the difference between a Life Jacket and a Swim Vest?

Orders, Delivery and Returns

Do I need an account to place an order?
You do not have to have an account with us to place an order, just click 'Continue as Guest' at checkout.

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, once an order has been placed it can not be cancelled or amended. If you no longer require your order you can return the item to us following the instructions on the Returns page on the website.

Where is my order?
Please check the Delivery Info page to see how long your chosen delivery service takes for delivery. If it has been longer than the expected delivery window please contact our Customer Service Team on 0845 528 0831, by using the chat function on our website during office hours, or via email at [email protected]

Can I track my order?
If you have placed your order on a next day service you will receive a tracking number on email once your order has been dispatched. However, if you have placed an order on Economy or Standard delivery we are unable to provide a tracking number. If a tracking number has not been received for your Next Day Delivery,  please contact our Customer Service Team on 0845 528 0831, by using the chat function on our website during office hours, or via email at [email protected]

What is your returns policy?
Please see the Returns Policy page on the website.

Can I exchange my order for another size?
Yes, you can exchange your items. Please see the Returns Policy page on the website.

What should I do if I receive a faulty product?
Please email our Customer Service team at [email protected] and provide an image of the fault and batch number (underneath the inside tag) so they can investigate the issue. You can also call us on 0845 528 0831, or use the chat function on our website during office hours.

Where do I enter my discount code?

Discount codes can be added to your order whilst in "My Basket" page. After you have added your items to your basket, click on "My Bag" in the top right corner and then select "View Bag". The code can then be entered by clicking "Apply discount code"

Mailing Lists

How do I sign up to the mailing list?
To sign up to our emailing list, simply enter your email address in the 'Join Our Newsletter' box at the bottom of any page on the website.

Where can I find news and information about Splash About?
We have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account which are updated with news and information regarding products, sales and more.