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Posted 04/04/2024

Welcome to the Duo family! Introducing the Splash Jammer Duo

First came the Happy Nappy Duo™, the first baby swimming nappy in the world to use the properties of silver to kill germs found in faeces. Now, thanks to its roaring success, we are able to launch the Splash Jammer Duo™. A discreet swim nappy short for toddlers and young children, who still need the support of a swim nappy.

What is the Splash Jammer Duo™?

Quite simply, the Splash Jammer Duo™ is the only swim nappy your child will ever need. A sporty pair of neoprene Jammers, with the same faecal leak protection as our original Jammers, but with the added benefit of an inner nappy, that not only helps to keep solids contained, it also kills germs from poo that can cause tummy bugs and sickness.

How does it work?

The Duo’s silver technology is exclusive to Splash About and has been developed and tested for four years prior to its launch in 2021, with our Happy Nappy Duo™. Working with the chemicals in pool water, the silver ions within the inner nappy break down the germs found in baby’s poo, to render them ineffective, and no longer a hazard to human health. Even better, it is done within the Splash Jammer Duo™ which means that any faeces that may escape (it won’t of course, but let’s just say, in case it does…) is not infectious and won’t cause any upset to little tummies.

If you are interested in the science behind this, take a look at the Happy Nappy Duo™ – A Deep Dive article which should answer any scientific questions you may have!

Who is the Splash Jammer Duo™ for?

The original Splash Jammers were designed for children aged 2-4 who were still required to wear a swim nappy for swimming lessons, or for those who were not yet secure in their potty training. Since then, we have realised the need for a swim nappy of this style is needed much beyond those younger years, so with the introduction of the Splash Jammer Duo™, we are also happy to say we have introduced bigger sizes for children up to the age of 6. The unisex designs mean they can be worn by little boys and girls, who need a swim nappy, but do not want to look like they are wearing one.

Why would I choose the Splash Jammer Duo™ instead of the original Splash Jammers?

Our original Splash Jammers as still as good today as they ever were. They contain solids efficiently and help children feel confident in the pool. If your child is near enough potty trained and just needs to wear a swim nappy to comply with swim school regulations, then the original Splash Jammers are the perfect choice.

The Splash Jammer Duo™ will suit toddlers and children who frequently need the support of a swim nappy. The inner layer helps to contain solids and neutralises germs so the faeces does not pose a risk to your child or other swimmers. It also has properties that help to soothe sore bottoms and nappy rash. As with the original Splash Jammers, Splash Jammer Duos™ are reusable and do not need any other swim nappy to be worn underneath. Not only is this better for your pocket but it helps towards reducing the number of plastic disposables going into landfill.