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Posted 8th Jan 2024

Happy Splashing! How to keep your baby warm at the pool

It’s the New Year! New Year’s resolutions have been made, people are returning to work, children are back at school and some new parents may be embarking on new activities with their babies. January is the start of a whole new baby swimming year and is one of the busiest times for baby swim schools and leisure centres, as hundreds of parents walk through their doors eager to introduce their babies to the water and encourage them on their swimming journey.

As a new parent, this hobby can be a daunting one. There are so many unknowns: Will my baby like the water? Will they cry? Will they get cold? Fortunately, Splash About can help with some of these queries; one of our priorities is to make baby swimming enjoyable for everyone.

As we know, all babies are different, so whilst we cannot guarantee they will love the water straight away, we can offer some solutions that will help them stay comfortable and warm, both whilst they are in the water and when they get out.

How do I keep my baby warm whilst swimming?

Warm babies are happy babies and this is never truer than whilst in the swimming pool. Splash About have a host of solutions to help your baby stay as warm as possible during and after their baby swim sessions:

If your baby is very new or especially sensitive to the cold, the Warm In One wetsuit is the perfect choice. Fully lined in cosy fleece, this all-in-one wetsuit, which has full length sleeves and legs, wraps your baby in warmth. Parents have reported to us that it keeps their baby warm even when wet on the way back to the changing room and others have told us that their baby has fallen asleep in the pool wearing one– a true testament to its comfort and cosiness. The Warm in One has no inbuilt Nappy system however, so your baby will need a swim nappy like the Happy Nappy Duo™ underneath.


  • Super soft fleece lining
  • Full body coverage
  • Protects barrier creams

If you are looking for something for a slightly older, wrigglier baby, then the Baby Wrap is the one for you. This is a 2mm thick neoprene wetsuit that wraps around your baby’s core, helping them to regulate their body temperature whilst in the water. The benefit to this wetsuit is that it opens completely flat, so dressing and undressing your baby is quick and simple. It fastens with hook and loop strips that can be adjusted every wear, meaning it will last your baby through growth spurts! Baby’s legs and arms are also uncovered so they are able to feel the water around them. As with the Warm In One, there is no swim nappy included, but there is a Happy Nappy™ available to match every Baby Wrap in the range.


  • Open flat design for easy dressing
  • Keeps the core warm and helps babies maintain their body temperature
  • Non-restrictive - allows freedom of movement

The ultimate baby wetsuit, the Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit is made from neoprene and is proven to extend pool time for babies because it keeps their core warm, much like an adult wetsuit. Not only that, it also includes a full Happy Nappy™ so parents can swim with the peace of mind that their baby is warm and not at risk of having any accidents in the pool. This wetsuit is perfect for babies from 0 to 2 years.


  • Made from 1mm thick neoprene to keep babies warm
  • Includes full Happy Nappy™ for reliable leak protection
  • Legs remain free to kick and splash without restriction

We understand however, that sometimes, you just want something basic and good value that does the job. That’s why we developed the Thermaswim range for babies, children and adults. This range is basic in that its only available in black, but it is far from basic in its benefits. It is made with cosy brushed fleece that keeps babies warm whilst in the water. Parents who have tried the Thermaswim range have confirmed that it keeps their little ones warm and stops the shivering during their baby swimming sessions. Babies and toddlers will need a swim nappy underneath the Thermaswim suits as they do not provide any leak protection.

Mums, dads and carers needn’t feel the cold either. Thermaswim shorts and tops are available for adults who dread getting cold in baby swim sessions.


  • Value for money thermal swimwear
  • brushed fleece lining to provide warmth in water
  • 4 way stretch for comfort and extra movement

Keeping baby warm outside of the pool.

Whilst it is important to keep your baby warm in the pool, it is equally as important to keep them cosy after their swim session.

We recommend having a towel handy on poolside to wrap your baby or toddler in as soon as you get out of the water. We all know the walk back to the changing room is a chilly one! Why not get one for yourself as well? The Splash About Geometric Quick Dry towel is compact enough to be folded up and popped in your swim bag, even when it is wet. It is large enough to wrap comfortably around an adult and will wick away drips quickly, helping you to regain your body temperature after you get out of the pool.


  • Super absorbant and quick drying
  • Compact for popping into swim kits
  • Made from 70% recycled plastic

Once baby is wrapped up warm, the last thing you want to do is make them flinch on a cold changing table or mat. We consider our neoprene changing mats a swim kit essential for this very reason (amongst others!). Made from 3mm thick neoprene, it is not cold like a plastic changing mat and provides a cushioned surface for baby to lie on. This keeps them away from dirty, cold floors and tables and doesn’t hold water so they are not lying in a puddle whilst you fight to get them changed. This really is a changing room game changer!


  • 3mm thick neoprene protects against cold and dirty floors
  • Non-slip base keeps mat secure
  • Retains heat so babies feel warm whilst being changed. No cold feeling on first laying your baby down

The final step is getting dressed and out into the fresh air. Dressing a baby or toddler is, at the best of times, challenging, never mind when they are slightly damp, tired and hungry. All you want is to get out of there! This is why, we decided to lend a helping hand post swimming too and introduced the After Swim Waterproof Onesie. These were originally designed when changing rooms were closed during the COVID pandemic, but have gone on to become Splash About bestsellers. These super cosy, fleece lined all in ones can be put on immediately after drying, with just a nappy underneath. This means time in the changing room is vastly reduced but babies and toddlers are kept toasty on their journey home. The waterproof outer protects against rain and wind, and a large hood covers little heads and keeps warmth in.


  • Luxuriously lined with super soft fleece
  • Large hood to retain heat
  • Can be worn over clothing or as a cover up after swimming