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Float Jackets
Posted on 5th May 2015

Robin Goodwin invented the first neoprene float jacket swimming aid in 1988 and then redesigned it with removable floats for his brand Polyotter. This was the first groundbreaking floatation devise to hit the children’s market and proved to be extremely successful in a market that was dominated by arm bands and swim rings. Some years later Robin redesigned the Float Jacket for Splash About, using unpuncturable and movable floats. This new product that allowed the floats to be removed from their pockets to increase or decrease buoyancy became an instant hit and is now available all over the world.

This year Splash About have introduced the all new “GO Splash” float jacket, still using the original jacket type design and manufactured in super soft Neoprene, giving 50+ UPF protection from the sun, but updated for a more value conscious shopper.

GO Splash float jackets have 8 adjustable floats held securely in pockets within the inner liner. These floats are comfortable when worn against the body of the wearer and also provide some extra warmth as the floats are so well insulating. The front of the jacket is firmly held together with a robust zip covered by soft neopre ne to prevent any snagging against children’s sensitive skin. The jacket design has generous arm holes and comfortable seams so that the wearer can move about and learn to swim in comfort.

The 8 floats are coded with letters of the alphabet; this easy system ensures that buoyancy is evenly distributed as matching floats are taken out together when the child becomes more used to their own buoyancy and learns to swim.

Today float jackets are worn all over the world helping parents, kids and even adult non swimmers get a taste for the water, they are safe, reliable and comfortable. When used in conjunction with good swimming lessons they are extremely successful as a teaching tool and we hope that our GO Splash float Jacket will help many more children and adults learn to swim and be safe when they Splash About this summer.