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Posted 28/02/24

Swimming with Incontinence – Busting the Myths

If you have a disability or condition that causes faecal incontinence, you may feel restricted from participating in activities that you believe are unavailable to you, with swimming and water-based activities being high on that list.

We all know swimming has a myriad of health benefits, but what happens when your own personal health condition stops you? Here at Splash About, we want to debunk the myth that you can’t swim with an incontinence condition. In fact, we want to encourage you to get into the water and enjoy the benefits swimming can provide.


I have faecal incontinence; I can’t go swimming.

BUSTED – Yes, you can! Swimming is for everyone, and being incontinent should not discourage you from taking the plunge. Today, there are many swimwear options to support incontinent adults, providing reliable protection against embarrassing and inconvenient accidents. Splash About offers a whole product range devoted to incontinence swimwear, catering for everyone from young children to adults. Our bestselling Jammers are made from thick, supportive neoprene, sit high on the waist, and cover the thighs. They feature specialist ribs around the waist and medical-grade silicone around the thighs to ensure solids are contained within the Jammer. Comfortable and discreet, they are a great choice for teenagers and adults alike.



Everyone will know I have incontinence

BUSTED – Splash About’s Incontinence range is designed to be discreet and to look like regular swimwear. All designs are pull up so there are no giveaway fastenings and they are all designed in modest colourways that won’t draw attention. You can wear our Jammers and Splash Shorts on their own or layer your own board shorts over the top. Alternatively, our Splash Costume for ladies is an all-in-one swimsuit with hidden incontinence protection. Designed with a skirt which provides extra coverage, no one will ever know the difference from a regular costume. For men, who don’t want to wear the neoprene Jammers, the alternative is our Splash Jammer Shorts. A discreet, slim line jammer with hidden incontinence protection inside. All provide reliable, tried and tested faecal leak protection.


Swimming with a disability is not worth the stress

BUSTED – We can all appreciate that swimming with a disability or while living with incontinence is significantly more stressful than for those without these extra concerns. However, we believe the effort is worthwhile. Swimming offers numerous benefits: it can help lower blood pressure, ease joint pain, aid sleep, and relieve stress. Therefore, we wholeheartedly believe that everyone should be able to participate. Splash About strives to alleviate one of these stresses by offering hassle-free, comfortable, and discreet incontinence swimwear that truly works.


My child always has to miss out on swimming lessons and pool parties due to incontinence

BUSTED - We believe no child should ever miss out on swimming activities due to incontinence. Splash About offers swim nappies and incontinence support that fit infants to larger adults. Our children’s Happy Nappy™ and Jammers ranges are approved by swim schools and provide protection against pool-closing faecal leaks. They come in a variety of styles that will appeal to every swimmer in sizes up to 5 years, ensuring your child never has to miss out.

Our advice is to make sure your child goes to the toilet before getting in the water and to encourage them to get out as soon as they are aware of a bowel movement. The Happy Nappy™ or Jammers can then be rinsed out and put back on for your child to enjoy the rest of their swimming session.


Disposable nappies are better than reusable as they hold in urine

BUSTED – No swimming nappy or incontinence pant, whether reusable or disposable, is designed to contain urine. Their primary purpose has always been to contain faeces. Small leaks of urine are effectively neutralized by the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool, and such leaks are typically expected by pool operators.

Swim nappies capable of holding urine would also absorb pool water, resulting in a heavy, unsafe nappy that could cause severe discomfort and potentially drag the wearer down in the water. When purchasing any swim nappy, whether disposable or reusable, it's important not to expect urine containment. Therefore, you should only put them on in the changing room when you are ready to enter the water. A baby wearing a swim nappy for the journey to the pool will likely be wet through by the time they arrive.


The water changes colour if you wee in the pool

BUSTED – This is absolutely not true. Pools are treated to handle urine, but not to trigger a telltale ring of shame in case of a urine leak. For years parents have used this myth to encourage children to get out of the pool to use the toilet, but it should absolutely not be used to discourage incontinent swimmers. That being said, if you are able to vacate the pool to urinate, that is always the best option, but for those who have no choice, don’t worry, no one will ever know.