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Posted 17th June 2023

Drowning Prevention Week 2023 – June 17th to 24th


Drowning Prevention Week is an annual event started by the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS) that aims to raise awareness about water safety and promote measures to prevent drowning. Strategically organised for the beginning of the summer, this awareness week serves as a reminder to everyone to be safe and not take risks. A survey run for the RLSS in March 2022[i], found that 47% of accidental drownings occur between the months of May and August, with 87% of those being male. This alarming statistic is likely to be attributed, at least in part, to teenagers and young adults swimming in ponds, rivers and lakes on hot days during the summer. The RLSS aim to educate this demographic of the population of the dangers of open water swimming [ii]even if they believe themselves to be strong swimmers.



[i] https://www.rlss.org.uk/drowning-facts
[ii] https://www.rlss.org.uk/pages/category/open-water-safety-tips

At Splash About, we are keen to support the RLSS in their campaign to prevent the 300 avoidable drownings per year[i]. Our aim has always been to support parents and children on their learn to swim journey and believe if children learn to respect the water from a young age, this will help to bring the alarming drowning statistics down in the future.

[i] https://www.rlss.org.uk/Pages/Category/water-safety-education

How can Splash About help?

If you have very young children, just starting their swimming journey, then Splash About have the resources to help you teach your child to swim. It is important to note, our learn to swim products are just that, they are not life saving devices, but they teach children how to learn this vital life skill.


Both our Floatsuits and Sleeved Floatsuits have a band of floats that fit around children’s torso. These provide buoyancy to help children gain their water balance. These floats can be removed so as your child gets better at swimming, the buoyancy provided by the suit decreases, until your child is swimming independently. As they don’t have restrictive armbands, children can learn swimming strokes whilst wearing the floatsuits and they are designed to hold them in the water in a position ready for swimming.

Go Splash Float Jackets

As with the Floatsuits, our Float Jackets have removable float bars that can be taken out to reduce buoyancy as the child’s skills develop. They offer the same learn to swim benefits, in a jacket design that is easy for parents to take on and off once their child is finished in the water.

Go Splash Swim Vests

Developed as a more compact learn to swim product, the Swim Vest has flat floats that cannot be removed. This makes it less bulky for packing and also extremely comfortable for children to wear all day around the pool. It will still hold children in the correct position for learning to swim, but the buoyancy cannot be adjusted.

What if my child can already swim?

If your child can already swim, they are well on their way to being responsible around water. Education around respecting water, the unseen hazards and how easy it can be to get into trouble in the water can all be found on the RLSS website[i] along with resources of how to get involved with and raise awareness for Drowning Prevention Week. The Campaign also aims to provide resources about water safety to children who cannot access swimming lessons or pools, so they can learn to respect the water, without ever having learnt to swim[ii]


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[ii] https://www.rlss.org.uk/Pages/Category/water-safety-education