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Guru Review - Alice, Finley and Roo: Shorty Wetsuit and Go Splash Float Jacket

Shorty Wetsuit


"Absolute number one product for toddlers / young children on holiday! All day every day this wetsuit was worn by my five year old in the beach and the pools. It kept him warm in the water and partially protected from the sun. The fun and bright pattern was a real hit with him and he loved that he could match designs with his younger brother."

Go Splash Float Jacket


"A great product to allow my 18month old some freedom in the water. He currently has all the floats in place and it’s a perfect fit and doesn’t rise in the water, as he grows and we remove some of the floats I can imagine the fit will stay snug. This is going to be a great product for years to come with teaching swimming and independence in the water. Having his arms free of floatation devices also helped keep him in the correct position in the water for practicing kicking arms and legs."



Featured products - Shorty Wetsuit, Go Splash Float Jacket


Posted on 29th August 2023