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Published 17/01/2023

Thermaswim - Thermal Swimwear for all

What is Thermaswim?

Splash About have created a range of Thermal suits for babies, toddlers and grown-ups so everyone can stay warm during baby swimming lessons and beyond.

The Thermaswim range is made using a brushed fleece fabric which gives warmth and comfort to the wearer from the inside, whilst the outer side of the fabric is smooth, which helps moisture run off the surface and provides comfort if another layer is required on top.

Each garment is made from a polyester/elastane mix which is knitted together with four-way stretch that allows maximum freedom of movement for the wearer. The Baby and Toddler onesie suits have full length zips to help with changing whilst the adult garments are available as separates, so dressing is as easy as possible, and the shorts or top can be mixed and matched as required.

How does Thermaswim Thermal Swimwear work?

The Thermaswim range is designed to be close fitting, so, when worn in water, it traps a thin layer of water between the brushed fleece and the skin. Body heat warms this layer of trapped water and keeps the body temperature regulated. This allows much more time in the water feeling warm and comfortable. The close-fitting nature also means there is minimal drag when worn in water.

Does my baby need Thermal Swimwear?

The short answer is no, it is not a compulsary requirement for baby swimming, however, thermal swimwear has been proven to extend pool time for babies. There is no legal lower temperature for a swimming pool, in fact, lots of leisure pools have to cater for a variety of swimming activities from baby swimming to competitive swimming, so the lower temperature varies from pool to pool. Swim England have published information from the Swimming Pool Industry, in conjunction with the Pool Water Technical Advisory Group (PWTAG), recommending the maximum temperature for baby swimming should be 32°C, whereas that for competitive swimming should be 28°C. Read the full report here. It is always best to check with your local pool. If the temperature is much lower than the recommended 32°C, thermal swimwear may be the most suitable option for your baby. This could be in the form of a neoprene suit, or a thermal swimsuit like the Themaswim range.

Please note however, thermal swimwear is not designed to be used in hydropools or those heated above 32°C as this could lead to babies overheating.

Is Thermaswim only for swimming?


The extra benefit of the Thermaswim range is that it can be worn as a thermal base layer for outdoor activities. In the same way as the garment traps water and heats it during swimming, a thin layer of air gets trapped and heated when worn as a base layer under clothing. The Thermaswim range is made from a moisture-wicking fabric that will help sweat evaporate more quickly and keep the wearer feeling dry and comfortable when worn as a base layer for outdoor activities.

The close fitting, stretchy fabric is lightweight and non-bulky so can be worn comfortably under layered clothing in cold environments,  or under wetsuits for watersports.

 The Baby and Toddler Themaswim Suits are all in one suits with long sleeves and long legs for babies and 3/4 length legs for toddlers. The Adults Thermaswim range comprises a long sleeved, high neck top and shorts, that can be worn comfortably under regular clothing.