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Posted  18 Sept 2023

By Lesley Beach - Finance & Operations Director

Why do swim schools recommend a Happy Nappy™ over all other Swim Nappies?

Baby swimming lessons are a popular pastime for parents with new babies and toddlers. First and foremost, it is a time for bonding, but it is also an important step in helping children develop a love and respect for water and will help them when they are ready to take the next step in their swimming journey.

One essential aspect of ensuring a successful, stress-free swimming experience for young swimmers is choosing the right swim nappy. Essentially the first choice is between a disposable swim nappy and a reusable one.

What are the main differences between a disposable and a reusable swim nappy?

It is important to remember when first taking your baby swimming, that no swim nappy, disposable or reusable will hold in urine. A nappy that would do so would become swollen and heavy and would weigh the baby down in the water, or cause the nappy to fall off altogether. When we talk about swimming nappies, we are looking to prevent the leak of solid faeces.

A disposable swim nappy can only be worn once and is primarily made from plastic (Usually Polypropylene, Polyurethane & Polyethylene). They provide some protection against leaks, but can start to gape around the legs and back, rendering them ineffective. You will need to ensure you take more than one with you to the pool in case of an accident, making them an expensive choice in the long run.

A reusable swim nappy, as the name suggests, can be worn again and again for as long as it fits. They are generally made from neoprene or polyester and fit snugly against a baby’s body to ensure no gaping. They may seem like a costly outlay initially but if worn regularly, work out as a more cost-effective alternative to disposable nappies.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Across the world, baby swim schools are moving away from disposable swim nappies and encouraging the use of the reusable swim nappy. Most require a double layer nappy system; a disposable swim nappy or a reusable under nappy with a neoprene reusable swim nappy on top. And not just any reusable swim nappy, the Splash About Happy Nappy™ in particular. (For the purpose of this article, when referring to the Happy Nappy, this also means the whole of the Happy Nappy™ range: Happy Nappy Costume™ , Happy Nappy Wetsuit™ , Happy Nappy Sunsuit™ and the Happy Nappy Duo™ )

In the UK, over 90% of organised Baby Swim Lessons, including all Water Babies, Puddle Ducks and Turtle Tots lessons, highly recommend a Happy Nappy™. Angela Caballero from Water Babies says:

“Happy Nappy is the go-to brand for Water Babies to keep our pools clean and super safe during swimming lessons. Comfy and super reliable, with over 20 years of know-how, we’re convinced it’s the top pick for reusable swim nappies, so you can enjoy a leak-free swim with your little one both during and outside of lessons.”

According to Heidi Reiss, co-owner of Aqua Beba Swim, talking to the New York Strategist, the Happy Nappy™ is “like Fort Knox"[1] which is high praise indeed, it is exactly what we strive to provide. A safe, reliable, leak-free swim. Anya Hall, owner Little Whale Swim School USA agrees, telling us:

Little Whale Swim School proudly requires Splash About’s Happy Nappies for all students under the age of 3. This was an easy transition for our customers as the designs are adorable, fabric and stitching are high quality and pricing is fair and affordable. Since implementing the uniform requirement, Happy Nappies have reduced our incidents of AFR’s [accident frequency rate] and closures by 80%! Splash About’s customer service and ordering process is top notch, we enjoy working with such a high standard company!”


[1] https://nymag.com/strategist/article/best-swim-diapers.html?itm_source=search&itm_medium=article&itm_campaign=Swim%20Diaper

So what is it about the Happy Nappy™ that makes us the Number One choice for these respected and valued swim schools?

Reliable Leak Free Protection

The Happy Nappy™ is made from flexible neoprene, that moves with the baby, and is sewn specifically to fit the shape of their bottom, meaning there is no gaping. It does not have any poppers, zips or velcro fastenings to compromise this and the Happy Nappy™ stays put even during vigorous activity. It has specially designed nylon, elastane ribs around the waist and thighs, which fit closely to the baby and keep any solids from leaking out. This specialist ribbing is unique to Splash About and ensures the Happy Nappy™ is durable and maintains its shape wear after wear. Many other reusable nappies do not have this same structure and can quickly stretch and sag, compromising the effectiveness.  Whilst the ribs around the Happy Nappy™ are designed to fit closely, you should be able to get a fingers width around the inside of the rib to prevent any red marks or chafing.

Rose Cholewinski, owner Swim America Davis USA endorses this:

“Since requiring the use of Happy Nappys for kiddos under the age of 4, we have significantly reduced the number of times we have had to shut down because of a ‘code brown’. The Happy Nappy properly contains any solids that occur unexpectedly and saves the day”  

Naturally Antibacterial

The neoprene is naturally anti-bacterial so it helps to protect sensitive bottoms from the germs associated with faeces and can also help to soothe nappy rash. When all babies in the pool are wearing the Happy Nappy™ , the chance of contaminating the water with germs is significantly decreased.

Moreover, the Happy Nappy Duo™, has a second layer of antimicrobial protection in the form of the silver inner nappy. This silver layer has been tested and proven to kill viruses and germs before they leave the nappy.[2] The first of its kind in the world. As this silver layer doubles as an under nappy, the swim schools that approve the Happy Nappy™, also approve the use of the Happy Nappy Duo™, with no requirement for an under nappy.

[2] A full scientific investigation was completed by Dr Pam Cameron BSc PhD DipHE MRSB FHEA, Novo Science Ltd, on behalf of Splash About. In her conclusion she wrote "The Silver lining fabrics have been tested and redeveloped over a 2-year period. The final product is highly antibacterial in a pool water solution and Imaging at CytoViva shows Cryptosporidium Oocysts cell walls as flattened and shrivelled, when interacting with the silver from the fabric"

Perfectly designed for babies and toddlers

Rose Cholewinski, owner Swim America Davis USA told us:

we have appreciated the design of the Happy Nappy. Proud ‘potty trained’ children feel confident the Happy Nappy is simply pool pants, required equipment for swimming and do not look like a pool diaper.’

The Happy Nappy™ is designed to suit all children from newborn to 5 years, and does not look like a typical swim nappy. The varied choice of adorable prints mean there is a style for every taste, which helps swim schools to enforce their wear. Parents and carers love to chose from the cute designs and older toddlers appreciate their discreet appearance.

Brendan O’Melveny, Imagine Swimming USA concurs:

as the parent of two young children, I can say that they're easy to use and come in prints that my daughters love. I think every swim school should use Happy Nappies.”

So why are swim schools choosing the Happy Nappy™ over other reusable swim nappies?

Splash About has been a leading name in the baby swimming market since it opened its doors in 2005. All of our products are tried and tested in laboratories, then trialled on real users before being launched for general sale. This ensures, our products are as perfect as they can be and our loyal customers know and appreciate this. We have good relationshps with the swim schools who use our Happy Nappies and are always open to feedback from them. The Happy Nappy™ has proven itself since its invention in 2005 to be reliable and trustworthy, with no reported leaks from the swim schools who use us for several years.  Many swim schools worldwide are endorsing its use in their pools and have quoted a reduction in closures by 80% [3] once the Happy Nappy™ was introduced.

Caroline Sparks, Owner of Turtle Tots agrees, saying:

“The Happy Nappy is the best neoprene swimming nappy available and its design ensures that if there are any accidents they are contained!


Whilst the Water Babies website advertises

"The Happy Nappy is the best reusable swim nappy in the market. It is also chlorine resistant, so it won't lose its shape or protective elasticity when worn again and again. This makes it fantastic value for money, whilst also going a long way to help the environment by lowering the number of disposable nappies in landfill." [4]



Not only that, but the Happy Nappy™, Happy Nappy Duo™ and the Happy Nappy™ product range is loved by parents and carers too and continues to take awards ceremonies by storm. Most recently, the Happy Nappy Duo has received platinum awards in the Best Swim Aid & Best Travel Invention categories and Gold in the Best Swimming Product category in the Loved by Parents awards 2023 and the Happy Nappy took Gold in the Best Swim Nappy category in the Nappy Lady Awards 2023.

The widespread adoption of the Happy Nappy™ by swim schools, combined with the high praise from parents and caregivers, solidifies its position as the leading reusable swim nappy on the market. With its innovative design, exceptional performance, and commitment to safety and hygiene, the Happy Nappy™ continues to make a splash in the world of baby swimming lessons, ensuring that every child's experience in the water is a happy one. 

[3] Anya Hall, owner Little Whale Swim School USA

[4] https://shop.waterbabies.co.uk/products/water-babies-happy-nappy