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Reviewed 21/11/2023

Baby Wetsuits Comparison Guide: Baby Wrap Wetsuit, Warm In One and Happy Nappy Wetsuit

Our Baby Wetsuit Comparison guide helps to show the differences between our different baby wetsuits, helping you choose the best one for your baby. 


Happy Nappy Wetsuit

Warm In One Wetsuit Baby Wrap
  • Offers full upper body covering and long sleeves
  • Keeps core body temperature maintained
  • Our warmest baby wetsuit
  • Made from a super soft fleece lined fabric
  • Provides warmth in water
  • Keeps your baby’s core body temperature maintained
Sun Protection
  • Made from super-soft neoprene offering UPF 50+ sun protection
  • UPF 50+ protection from the sun
  • UPF 50+ protection from the sun
Leak Protection
  • Happy Nappy wetsuit is a 2-in-1 wetsuit and nappy combination
  • No need for additional happy nappies
  • Completely reusable
  • Perfect for swimming lessons
  • No additional leakage protection is included with this product
  • Happy Nappy can be purchased and used to provide extra protection
  • No additional leakage protection is included with this product
  • Happy Nappy can be purchased and used to provide extra protection
  • Made from super-soft 1 mm thick Neoprene
  • Happy Nappy moves with the baby so they are free from restriction
  • Made from super soft fleece-lined TPU 
  • Full arms and leg coverage
  • Keeps baby & toddlers warm in and out of the water
  • Made from soft neoprene
  • Will keep babies warm
  • Open flat design means baby is not pulled about when dressing
  • No restrictions on arms and legs

Ease of use (e.g. putting on/taking off)

0 = hardest

10 = easiest


  • Roll down the top and fit the Happy Nappy part first before rolling back up and putting arms in
  • Zip-opening back makes it easy to put on and take off


  • Velcro down the back of the wetsuit provides easy changing
  • Super soft and stretchy material


  • Opens completely flat so baby can be placed on top and the wrap fastened around them
  • Strong Velcro is easily opened after swimming. The Baby Wrap can be taken off without any discomfort to baby
  • From £25.00
  • From £24.99
  • From £20.00

Happy Nappy Wetsuit or Baby Wrap


  • Both will keep baby warm whilst swimming
  • Made from soft neoprene for maximum comfort
  • UPF 50+ maximum sun protection


  • Wetsuit includes full Happy Nappy to prevent faecal leakage. The Baby Wrap has no Happy Nappy included, this will need to be bought separately
  • Wetsuit covers the full body, including full cover across the shoulders and arms. The Baby Wrap provides core body warmth, leaving legs and arms free.


The Happy Nappy Wetsuit offers a 2-in-1 solution without the need for added nappy protection. It will keep baby warm in the water but is more restrictive due to the sleeves. The Baby Wrap is less restrictive as it keeps arms and legs free, allowing baby to really feel the water and move about comfortably. It provides core body warmth which allows baby to regulate their own body temperature. Additional Happy Nappy is required.

Happy Nappy Wetsuit

Warm In One Wetsuit or Happy Nappy Wetsuit


  • Both provide warmth to the baby in and out of the water
  • Both made from high-quality materials and available in all the same designs
  • Both provide UPF50+ Sun Protection


  • Warm In One Wetsuit is our warmest baby wetsuit designed as a thermal suit with fleece lined fabric that provides ultimate warmth in the water.
  • Happy Nappy Wetsuit is made fully of neoprene. The Warm In One is made from TPU with a polyester fleece lining.
  • Happy Nappy Wetsuit has an easy-to-use zip-opening back whilst the Warm In One has a velcro fastening at the back.
  • The Happy Nappy Wetsuit has an in-built full Happy Nappy in the bottom half of the suit. The Warm In One requires a seperate Happy Nappy underneath to provide leak protection. 


The Warm In One is perfect for babies who feel the cold in the water and need the ultimate warmth in the pool. The Warm In One also helps to keep barrier creams in place for babies who suffer with skin conditions like eczema. However, the Happy Nappy Wetsuit offers full neoprene body coverage and also provides the full leak protection of the inbuilt Happy Nappy, meaning there is no need to wear an additional swim nappy underneath.  

Warm In One Wetsuits

Warm In One or Baby Wrap


  • Both are made from soft, high quality material
  • Both available in the same designs
  • Neither of these Wetsuits provide leak protection, they are designed to be worn with the Happy Nappy (purchased separately)


  • The Baby Wrap is made from neoprene and is designed to provide warmth to the core of the body. The Warm in One isa more cosy wetsuit, made from TPU with a snugly fleece lining.
  • The Baby Wrap has velco over the shoulders and front which opens completely flat for easy changing. The Warm In One has a velco fastening down the back. 


Both choices are great for Baby Swimming. If you're baby feels the cold in the pool, the Warm in One Wetsuit is perfect for your baby, with ultimate warmth provided. For a wriggly young baby, the Baby Wrap is an ideal starter wetsuit. They are easy to get on and off and the velcro fastening makes them size adjustable to grow with your baby. The Baby Wrap is also perfect for providing grip when carrying your baby around the pool.